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[Польша]Lock with a memory

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Lock with a memory is equipped with a mechanical push button. The tongue of an under knob lock acts on it.

When a short electric impulse is produced, lock is unblocked in spite of the closed doors and it can be opened at any moment even if there is no current. After the door has been closed the lock blocks. The Unblock time is limited by the opening or closing of the doors.

This type of locks is used in a gate-door system. When we let someone in by unblocking the gate we don’t have to wait for him to approach the door and for the second time open the doors remotely. We unblock the door with one impulse. We should remember that when the doors/gate will not be opened after inducing the impulse ,they remain unfastened and can be opened by anyone.

Product guarantee: 36 months.


* power supply: 12V AC/DC (24V AC/DC)
* power consumption
* 400 mA/180mA (150mA)
* Operating temperature: -25C - +55C
* Mass: 185g

Gerda Electromagnetic latches withstand static weight up to 6 KN.

IMP Qualifying estimation nr 1/2005 (April 2005).

Attention! The lock can be controlled by a current for a limited period of time as it may burn.
Locks supplied with an alternating current cannot work with a direct current. However, locks supplied with a direct current can work with an alternating power
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