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AKU Sp. z o.o.

[Польша]Universal paper towel

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Paper towels for home & industrial use (AFH, HoReCa)
Made of pure cellulose, 2ply, featured by high absorption of water & tear-resistant material. Grammage 2 x 19g/sqm. Lenght 60m = 300 sheets = 6 standard size kitchen towels.
In our products range there is a wide choice of hygienic disposable articles made of tissue paper for AFH and HoReCA markets: industrial rolls, centerfeed towels, ZZ towels, medical bedsheets, paper napkins etc. made of recycled and virgin material, 1 or 2 ply, bleached and unbleached.
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Модель/Номер продукта:5360
Марка:Clarina, private label, OEM
Цена:zapewniam, ż 0


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AKU Sp. z o.o.

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