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TABAL Jan Kidaj, Mieczysław Daniel Sp.j.

[Польша]Aluminium construction profiles KANYA

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PVS System

The system of profile joining KANYA presents compeletely
new possibilities of solving construction problems in machine building,
transport systems and lift systems, machine bodies, work tables
roboczych, aboratory systems, cupboards, division walls
and exhibition stands.
Simple assembly and a wide range of profiles and accessories offer
the designer a free hand.
The wide range of profiles allows for building of delicate constructions
as well as heavy solutions with high loads.
We can build permanent and mobile applications, change and supplement
construction when the need arises. Each profile can be stably
joined with other profiles at an angle, vertically or aslant
by means of a PVS connector protected by international trademark.
Tighting the conical screw of the properly mounted
connector , causes the surfaces of the profiles to clamp,
which gives a very good joint based on friction.
As the cutting forces are not normally applied directly
to the surface contact - the bending moment causes tilt,
additionally strengthening the joint. The durability of the joint depends
on the moment at which we tight the connector and the number
of connectors used.
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TABAL Jan Kidaj, Mieczysław Daniel Sp.j.

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