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[Польша]Diagonal Cutters

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The cutting edges of KNIPEX Diagonal Cutters made of Vanadium steel have a long service life, are machined highly precise and are very sharp - for a clean cut of soft and hard wires.

.: the indispensable diagonal cutter for all-round use
.: high quality material and precise workmanship for long service life
.: precision cutting edges for soft and hard wire
.: clean cutting at cutting edge tips; also in case of thin copper wires
.: cutting edges additionally induction hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 62 HRC
.: narrow head style for use in confined areas
.: Vanadium electric steel, oil-hardened and tempered
.: Handles: insulated with two-colour dual component handles, VDE-tested
.: soft wire - 4,0 [mm]
.: medium hard wire - 2,8 [mm]
.: hard wire - 2,0 [mm]
.: Length 160 [mm]
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