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Wenzhou Haoshi Corp.

[Китай]Cable seal HS028

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General Characteristics:
This product is totally complied with ISO PAS 17712.It has a transparent cover on the body.Standard diameters of the cable wire are:1.5mm-5.0mm.Its pull load is more than 3.5KN. Standard length is 30cm.


User company logo can be moulded on the bottom of the plastic body.The sequential number is laser engraved. Any color available.
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Дополнительная информация:

Модель/Номер продукта:HS028
Цена:0.0 EUR
Комментарий к цене:T/T
Минимальный заказ:5000pcs
Качество / Безопасность, Сертификат:ISO 17712 SGS test report


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Wenzhou Haoshi Corp.

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