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Wenzhou Pop Relax Healthcare Equipment Co.,Ltd

[Китай]portable massage bed

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This bed has four jade rollers inside ,drive from tail to neck can reach the temperature at 70 'C .it is very good to help eliminate the back ache .you can enjoy the heat therapy from the hand massage for the place you want ,it also can reach at 70 'C .It has auto and manual models, in the auto situation ,it can have about 40 minutes massage . at the manual situation ,you can select the massage yourself.

It has the good heating therapy at buttock,waist,back,shoulder and neck.

It has the 9 jade ball hand held massager for good heating therapy .Lower body is the natural Torumarin with the red infared ray and heating .

This jade cushion can put everywhere as you wish .

G.W 22KG

Packing (in one bag) :90x70x30cm

Mainly machine dimension:170x65x14.5cm

Power: 285W

Different colors of covers are available due to customers .

MOQ : 1 pc/by air

10 pcs/ by sea

Delivery time : 20 days after deposit(container ). sample is 1-2 days

Payment: T/T

Certificate: CE, RoHS
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Дополнительная информация:

Модель/Номер продукта:PR-B002C
Цена:250 EUR
Комментарий к цене:T/T
Время поставки:5 дней
Минимальный заказ:10pcs
Качество / Безопасность, Сертификат:CE,ROHS


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