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[Турция]BBQ Charcoal

Dear sir, Our production is pillow ( egg) shape, with good quality , without spark and sooth using for BBQ charcoal : dia . 5 cm and weight about 15 Gr. Quotation for BBQ charcoal is USD 390.00per MTon Duration of the mentioned charcoal is more than one hour and carbon rate is approximately %80. Please donot hesitate to contact us for more information and hope to start a good cooperation with your esteemed company.[...]


[Турция]Pizza box

We are a turkish company, doruk ambalaj and foreign trade co. Ltd. Interested in the designing. Manufacturing and exporting many kind of boxes for nearly 7 years. We already have experience in export business. We offer you our products with great advantages. Please send us the details of the pizza boxes that you prefer. We will quote our best price for you.[...]