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[Taйвань]Contactless card reader

Mifare, EM or HID card reader[...]


[Китай]Sell GSM car alarm J030S

Description: 1. GSM frequency: 900MHz, 1800MHz 2. GSM cell phone carrier 3. Friendly human voice instruction 4. Hopping code 5. Arm/disarm by phone, and remote control 6. Two-stage shock alarm modes 7. False alarm trigger prevention 8. Alarm with SMS 9. SMS order control 10. Will call up 3 alarm phone numbers when there is an alarm. 11. Anti-hijacking 12. Override switch 13. Remote engine start/stop 14. Sensitivity of shock sensor adjustable 15. Checking system status by telephone 16.[...]


[Китай]Sell GSM car alarm J029

1. GSM cell phone carrier 2. Friendly human voice instruction 3. Arm/disarm by phone, and remote control 4. Two-stage shock alarm modes 5. False alarm trigger prevention 6. Will call up 3 alarm phone numbers when there is an alarm. 8. Override switch 9. Sensitivity of shock sensor adjustable 10. Checking system status by telephone 11. Status LED indicator 12. Trigger alarming (opening the door and engine start) 13. Shocking alarming 14. Power off alarming 15. Bonnet open alarming 16.[...]


[Южная Корея]cellular phone jammer (blocker)

Dear Sir, We supply cellular phone jammer. Our celluar jammer can block all kinds of cellular phone with high quality and competitive price to the world as cellular phone jammer, mobile jammer, mobile phone jammer, cellular blocker, immobilizer, disabler, stopper... for security, anti-terro. *** Specifications *** Block System: NEXTEL, CDMA/AMPS/TDMA/NMTP, Etacs, GSM900, GSM1800/DCS, DECT, PHS, W-CDMA, PCS/TACS, 3G (UMTS,CDMA2000) *** Product list 1. (Y050 : type A, E) Handheld ([...]


[Китай]Wireless parking sensor

Automatically engages as soon as you brake your car or place your car into reverse. - Show distance by rainbow LED lamp/LED display,Bi Bi voice warning. - Embedded detector sensors (which requires installation into your rear bumper). - High-tech processing,Omnidirectional detector sensor,Beautiful linetype figure. - Easy installation. - No need to run a wire from the front of the vehicle to the rear. Just connect the sensors and control box at the back of[...]


[Китай]Hydrogen sensors

Model:HY - HS01 Use: Hydrogen leak and concentration sensor detection Features: Small size, easy to use, high sensitivity, wide range of induction concentration of hydrogen. Simple and rapid reduction,auto-alarm device,flashlight function,can adapt to relative humidity of 100% of the external environment, stable performance, non-polluting Technical parameters: Lowest concentration monitoring: > 2 % Operating temperature: 5- 90ºC Detection range: Radius 100 mm - infinite Life:> 10000[...]


[Китай]sell the supermarket entrance gate

We an offer the supermarket entrance gate in mechanial and automative. It is used to indicate the right direction of entry for customers and prevent them to enter from wrong direction.  Material: The primary gate shaft,standing pole,horizontal poles are made with flawless steel pipeAll of these are chrome plated and nickel plating.  The standard gate wide is 1 meter. It can be changed according to the request of customers, but it can not be more than 1.2 meters.[...]



[Китай]ZUDEN -Chinese leading manufacturer of Security Alarm System,GSM alarm,CCTV Camera,PTZ Dome,DVR

ZUDEN - Chinese leading manufacturer of Security products: Wire/ Wireless Alarm System,GSM alarm system,Fire alarm system,GPS & GSM Car alarm system,GPS tracker,Car Alarm System,CCTV System,CCTV surveillance camera,PTZ Domes,DVR etc. For more infomation, please visit or send an email at: kingwwj@gmail.com,kingwangw@hotmail.com ZUDEN - Fabricante profesional de Seguridad Alarmas,GSM Alarmas,Detección de Intrusión,Monitoreo de Alarmas,Detección de Incendio,CCTV Camaras,DVR,PTZ domo,GSM Automóvil[...]


[Израиль]ATS100 transmitter

The ATS100 transmitter is the new generation of advanced, high performance, radio Alarm transmitters designed to complement KP'S LARS long range radio alarm systems. Manufactured using the latest SMD technology, the ATS units are synthesized for both VHF and UHF frequencies. There are three options for end-units: 1.Alarm Transmitter for Local Installation Ready-to-mount housing is suitable to most alarm panel manufacturers. Optional ¼-wave antenna and metal flange 2.Housed Radio Alarm[...]


[Израиль]DTRCI5000 – Desktop Radio Communication Interface

A compact, easy-to-install, radio transceiver interface with multifunctional capabilities that complement KP’s radio control monitoring systems and networking equipment. No better way to undertake control and monitoring jobs using cost effective, practical equipment that exceeds the market standards. The DTRCI5000 features and benefits offer reliability and quality in a complete package.[...]