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[Taйвань]Password master

1. 8 digit calculator 2. 9 individual bank account 3. Can save account No. 4. Can save password 5. Can save telephone No. 6. Can save website ddress[...]


[Taйвань]3+ magi mags magnetic tape (classic style)

3+ Magi Mags Tape: MAGNETIC STRIPPING WITH INDOOR ADHESIVE 3+ Magi Mags Tape, the latest and amazing product, is the multi-purpose magnetic tape have indoor adhesive on one side and the magnetic on the other. The magnetic tape with abundant visual color. There is Magnetic on one side and adhesive on the other. No need to use any cutting tools to cut down the tape, Simply tear 2 pieces of tape, one piece the sticky side paste on the wall and the other one paste on the backside of the object.[...]


[Taйвань]magnetic tape (neon style)

You absolutely can not miss our Neon style 3+ magi mags. There are diverse colors for choose now. We print the vivid color on the surface of the magnet in stead of the traditional black rubber magnet, Neon series is developed by our professional R&D team with the latest technolog. We offer classic color, neon pink, neon yellow, neon purple ..etc., all colors are highly visible and able for identifing locations and marking signs. Neon style 3+ magi mags can be used in offices, schools, stores[...]


[Taйвань]magi mags magnetic tape pattern printing

We accept custom-made order. You may print your company's logo, label, pattern or picture. Any special design could be printed on the magnetic tape as requested. The magenetic tape has self adhesive in one side, so that you can paste it on the wall or your refrigirator, and has your pattern printing that you designed on the surface of the magnetic side. Beantiful and practical.[...]


[Taйвань]DIY Neon Magnetic Bookmark

Various colorful pictures and pattens are printed on full magnetic card, which can be folded over to make the bookmark the same picture or patten on both sides. When you slide it over the page the magnets will cling together strongly holding your bookmark onto the page. This simple yet effective promotional magnetic bookmark clips over the page and won't fall out easily. It's a long-lasting gift and is ideal for gift, souvenir and promoting your business.[...]


[Taйвань]Anisotropy (Technological Type)

Use for floating fan motor , small motor , new products of Hi-Tech. Anisotropic magnet is mainly used in the occasions with strong suction. The motor magnetic strip is primary applied for the small-size precision motors such as the motor of floating fan , small motorrecorder,VCD,walkman,computer fan and so on. High quality and custom-made order acceptable.[...]


[Taйвань]Plastic paper

It is no doubt PP synthetic paper becomes main stream printable material for oil ink printing and inject printer. How about printing on laser printer? Our plastic paper, laser printing PP synthetic paper, is printable on color laser printer and our leading technology is possible to improve color saturation of printing quality when increasing paper thickness and overcome high temperature heating problem during printing. The superior characteristics are suitable softness and low speed printing[...]


[Taйвань]Full Page Magnifier with Vinyl Frame #270 / #262F

Model #270 Page magnifier with vinyl frame * Size: 270mm x 194mm * Viewing area measure: 223mm x 160mm Model #262F Page magnifier with vinyl frame * Size: 305mm x 194mm * Viewing area measure: 223mm x 160mm * Thickness: 0.4mm * Material: PVC * Magnification: 2X * Origin: Taiwan * Customers' logos/designs can be imprinted on the vinyl frame * High performance, Flat, Flexible, Light weight, Low cost * Help reduce eyestrain * Ideal for reading small print,[...]


[Taйвань]PS foam board

Ps foam board natural , imprinted , with paper coating , with self stick coating available in over 30 color suitable for advertiment boards , stationery , kids crfeation art sets , custom made premiums[...]



Electronic Stickers every custom-made items, logo or mark shown on this website is only for reference neither for reproducing nor selling without authorized. Stationery goods-Paper Sticker A wide of selection of stationary products with Custom-made service.Body-Decoration Living-Serijumbol, Cloth-Sticker-and-Label, Satin-Suede-Series, Special-Functional-sticker, Stationary-Series-Stickers, Stickers-on-Electronic-Prod, Sticker Trading-OEM Various choice on material; paper, PVC, PE, PP, PET,[...]