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[Taйвань]Supply 3D Car Badge LED Light

3D led car logo light: 1. 2 years warranty 2. SMD led chip good quality 3. Material: aluminum alloy 4. CE,ROHS 5. Color Red, white, yellow, blue, purple and gree 3D led car logo light packing details: 1. Pcs/Ctn: 200pcs/ctn 2. Gross/Net Weight: 12/10KG 3. Carton Dimension: 61*29*49 CM Advantage of Led car logo light: 1.power High power LED 2.dissipation Super heat dissipation 3.material Aluminum alloy 4.design Small & refined design 5.installation Easy installation[...]


[Китай]Led High Power Wallwasher

Electrical Voltage:AC100~240V...50/60Hz LED Beam Angle:15°、30°、60° Cooling:Forced air convection Functions RGBW color mixing/Custom programs/Strobe/white Balance/RGB to White /RGB Calibration/Dimmer/Fan speed control/Color macros/ID address/Auto-programs/Auto Speed/Pixel Effect Operation Display Panel(with battery backup) Automatic/Custom Stand-alone/Slave Pix Controller DMX512:3CHS/4CHS/5CHS/10CHS/12CHS/16CHS/30CHS/40CHS/60CHS/80CHS Applications[...]


[Китай]led 1w,3w, 5w high power MR16, GU10 series

1. Product Parameters: (1). Input Voltage: AC100V-240V , AC/DC 12V (2). Led number: 1W 1PCS LED 3W 3PCS LEDS 5W 5PCS LEDS (3).Colour Range: red, green,blue,colour changing effects (4). Lifespan: over 60,000hours (5).Material: plastic , Aluminium[...]


[Китай]Cold Cathode Lamps

Watt: 3w/5w/8w Spec: General bulbs/candle bulbs/pear shape bulbs Voltage: 110v/220v Length: 100mm Lumen: 60lm/w Life time: 25000hrs Color temperature: 2700k-6500k This cold cathode lamps use triphosphor, adopting high new technology, and many color temperature available, it's high brightness and long life, suitable for lighting in various place.[...]


[Южная Корея]Portable Solar Light

Recently developed this Portable Solar Light System will give you completely new experience of outdoor activities. This small, handy and easy-to-install product will take you any place you want to go such as camping, mountain climbing and fishing. This product is very good and useful for outdoor toilets in parks without using any electricity. You can use this light system at night for minimum 6 to 10 hours with only 3 hours solar charging. The longer charging, the longer using up to 24 hours.[...]


[Китай]Led Soft Neon light

SOFT NEON LIGHTING is a professional linear lighting device using LED technology. It looks like Glass neon, but is flexible. The product operates on 24 Volts and can be used indoors and outdoors. A line of high brightness LEDs are encapsulated in a unique PVC jacket, and as a result of specially developed optical technology, a uniform light is achieved. BENEFITS : 1. LOW VOLTAGE/LOW ENERGY the SOFT NEON LIGHTING operates at a safe low voltage (24v) and consumes only 2.88 watts per 30cm length.[...]


[Южная Корея]Energy Saving Smart Exit Light

This newly invented and internationally patented energy-saving and maintenance free Exit Light uses almost no electricity, just about 0.5 watt per hour(0.5W/h) only. Our Smart Exit Light can also be used as an emergency light owing to its long lasting time of lighting in case of power failure. Its lifespan is semi permanent owing to our hi-tech and specialized technology on LED, which we adopted for this product. Also owing to our technology, we are able to supply you very thin and light[...]


[Китай]Sell Electrodeless Discharges Lamp

1. DESCRIPTION: The High Frequency Electrodeless Discharge(HFED) Lamp is a technological advance in the 21th century lighting source.It generates light by combining the advantages of conventional fluorescence lamp with high frequency magnetic field .The operating principle is that a 2.65MHz HF magnetic field is used to activate inert gas which then collides with fluorescence material coated in inner bulb wall to produce visible light .This process does not involve any electrode or filament ,hence[...]


[Китай]GU10 high power led bulb

Aluminum body with focus lens LED type: 1pc 1 watt or 3 watt Luxeon high power LED, Light intensity: 40 lumens (1 watt),80 lumens (3 watt); Optional color: white, warm white, Lift time:50000 hours Supply Voltage: AC 12V/110V/220V Size: front diameter: 5cm, backside diameter: 2.2cm, height: 5.5cm Safety degree: IP54 Stardard met.: CE, ROHS Advantages: Long Life Wide light angle High security High reliability Environment protection Low dissipationpower[...]


[Китай]Sell Solar Home Lighting System 5W,10W,20W

Model No.018-20W Solar Home lighting system Applications 1) A solar compact system driving up to 12V DC lamps (LED lamp/fluorescent lamp) 2) A charger for fixed wireless phones, cellphone and small electronic gadgets 3) A home power system driving 12V DC electrical fan, TV and radio 4) A camping power system driving small cooler and camping lantern 5) A handy field power system driving electric screw driver, electric drill, and soldering iron Specifications 1) 20W multi-crystalline silicon[...]