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[Китай]formwork,steel formwork,steel structures,steel plank

We own four automatic production lines for Metalform and Steel Plank. With advanced technology and high qualified staff, our production capacity reached 15,000 tons of Metalform, and 5,000 tons of Steel Plank every year. The enterprise also could design different nonstandard Metalform and Steel Plank according to customer"s different requirements.[...]


[Китай]Anchor bolt

L Hook Steel Plain Finish Thread[...]


[Китай]prop tripod

stands vertical prop without the need to fix to the surface; easily erected and fixed by one person[...]


[Индия]Want to Sell Adjustable Props

We manufacture Light , Medium , and heavy Duty Props in Hot Dip Galvanized , Painted finish . There are available at very competitive prices .[...]


[Индия]Adjustable Base Jacks

We are manufactuers of Adjustable Base Jacks (Rolled threads) in Hot Dip and Electro Zinc Plating finish . We also manufacture Form work Accessories , Kwik Stage System , Cup Lock System , Scaffolding Accessories .[...]



стойки телескопические -1,60m-2,90m -1,80m-3,20m -2,00m-3,60m -2,20m-4,00m -3,20m-5,00m крашенные 8-18kN[...]


[Китай]PP Bi-Axial Geogrid with ASTM Standard (BX)

Polymer: Polypropylene Resistance to ultra-Violet light: A high level of resistance to UV light is given toby the incorporation of more than 2% of weathering grade carbon black, well dispersed in the polymer matrix. These products may be used for many years in exposed conditions. Chemical and biological resistance: Bi-axial geogrids are manufactured from polypropylene which is unaffected by all chemicals including acids, alkalis and salts, normally found in soils. Also, it is not a[...]


[Китай]Polyester Geogrid with PVC Coating(BX/UX)

The Polyester Geogrid adopts industrial high tensile strength polyester yarn, and is manufactured after completing a series of processes, such as preparation, woven, Post arrangement PVC coating with high temperature, etc. Raw material selection contains extreme significance. The industrial high tensile strength polyester yarn adopted in the products is manufactured by our company itself, the production lines we adopt are entirely from Japanese Toray Company, TEK company, TMT Company, and the[...]


[Китай]Fiberglass Geogrid with ASTM Standard

Fiberglass geogrid is kind of fine geosynthetic for enhancing road surface, old road, roadbed and soft soil foundation. It has become nonreplaceable material in disposing asphalt road surface reflection crack. This product adopts high strength alkali free glass fiber and is woven into net backing material through advanced warp knitting technology and receives coating treatment. It is semi-rigid product. It has very high tensile strength in lateral and longitude directions and lower extensibility,[...]


[Китай]Offer Film Faced Plywood from China

FILM COATED PLYWOOD 1.Core: poplar, birch 2.Film: black or brown, local or imported 3. Thickness: 6-28MM 4.Size: 1220MM*2440MM, 1250MM*2500MM 5. Grade: BB/CC, C/C 6. Glue: MR & WBP & melamine 7. Weight: 15-60kg[...]