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[Китай]filter belt / process belt / dewatering belt / dryer belt / spiral belt

Item name: filter belt (filter cloth for belt filters) Material: filter cloth made in polyester or polypropylene. We manufacture a wide variety of filter belts for vacuum belt filters and belt presses. Applications: Flue gas Desulfurization (FGDP gypsum), sewage and sludge treatment, phosphoric acid and minerals, coal washing, pulp and paper, conveyor belt[...]


[Китай]polyester (PE) filter cloth / PES filter fabric

Item name: polyester filter cloth Material: polyester Benefits: Resistant to abrasion, resistant to heat, high breaking strength, smooth surface. Served industries: Petrochemical, ceramic, mining and refining, food and beverage, paints and dyes, pharmaceutical, environmental, cement industry, etc.[...]


[Китай]Ozonated Water System (OWS-0060G)

Description: Ozonated Water System (OWS) is a integrate ozone generator, mixing device and contact tank, all in one system, it is convenient and installation friendly system to give you minimum installation work, it is content normal water inlet and ozonated water outlet. The system instantly turns normal water into ozonated water for your application, like swimming pool, vegetable washer and so on Specification: Model:OWS-0060G Input Voltage:220VAC/50Hz Input Power:2800W Technology:Corona[...]


[Китай]Ozone Generator for Waste Water Treatment (CD-A Series)

Air Source Ozone Generator(70g/hr-2000g/hr) Description: We have manufactory ozone generator up to 2000 gram/hr, with complete system and oxygen source, please request if you need any ozone generator from 70 to 2000 gram/hr oxygen source ozone generator. Specification: Model Ozone Output O3 Concentration CD-A0150G 150g/hr 20mg/L CD-A0200G 200g/hr 20mg/L CD-A0300G 300g/hr 20mg/L CD-A0400G 400g/hr 20mg/L CD-A0500G 500g/hr 20mg/L CD-A0600G 600g/hr 20mg/L CD-A0700G 700g/hr 20mg/L[...]


[Китай]Solar work station system

Main technical data 1.Externality size: 450mm*310mm*150mm 2.Max. self consumption: d3W 3.Accuracy of temperature measuring: ±2°C 4.Range of temperature measuring: 0~99°C 5.Power of controlled pump (temperature difference circulation pump, water-using end circulation pump): <600W 6.Electronical booster power: d3000W 7.Input signal: 3 temperature sensors (for top of tank, for heat collector, for bottom of tank) 8.Output signal: 3 (electronic booster, temperature difference[...]


[Индия]Aqua care natural zeolite

AQUA CARE Micro-Crystalline, Porous-each pore with definite pore size-white powder synthesized form natural mineral to clean the ponds. Why AQUA CARE.. Because It... 1.Absorb toxic gases like Ammonia, Nitrate and Hydrogen Sulfide. 2.Regulate pH level of pond water. 3.Provide Micro Nutrients. 4.Increase Dissolved Oxygen content. 5.Clean the pond by increasing growth and reproduction of Plankton. 6.Absorb odors and bacteria, suspended solids, waste and dirty materials produced[...]


[Китай]Polyaluminum Chloride (PAC, white)

Features: 1) Made from pure raw material 2) Used for drinking water treatment and paper mills as retention agent 3) Appearance: solid powder, white 4) Al2O3: 29% (min.) 5) Basicity: 40.0% ~ 60.0% 6) Insolubles: 0.3% (max.) 7) PH (1% water solution): 3.5 ~ 5.0 8) SO42-: 3.5% (max.) 9) N: 0.09% (max.) 10) As: 0.0005% max 11) Mn: 0.045% (max.) 12) Cr6+: 0.0015% (max.) 13) Hg: 0.00002% (max.) 14) Pb: 0.003% (max.) 15) Cd: 0.0006% (max.) 16) Fe: 0.008% (max.) Inner packing: 25kg/polypropylene[...]


[Китай]Ozone Generator for Swimming Pool and SPA (CD-A0005G)

Specification: Model: CD-A0005G CD-A0010G Input voltage: 220V Power consumption: 570W 750W Ozone generation technology: Corona discharge Electrode: Stainless steel Dielectric substance: Ceramics Gas source: Air Ozone output: 1-5gram/hr 1-10gram/hr Air flow rate: 18 liter/min 25 liter/min Ozone concentration: 15-20mg/l Air flow rate: 2.3m3/hr 2.3m3/hr Outlet temperature: <35° C Cooling method: Air cooling Case material: Steel Coating Dimension: (mm) 505*770*250[...]


[Китай]Ozone Generator for Water Treatment and Air Purifier (CD-O0010G)

Ozone generator for water treatment Specification: Ozone generator water treatment Specification: Housing Standard: IP 55 Input Voltage Supply: 220V/110V Power consumption: 600W Technology applied: Corona discharge Electrode: Stainless steel Dielectric substance: Silicate glass Gas Source: Oxygen Ozone output: 2-10gram/hr Oxygen Flowrate: 3 Liter/min Ozone concentration: 50-60 mg/L Cooling method: Air & Water cooling Cooling water flow rate:>10L/hr Case material:[...]


[Индия]Jatropha Germination Seeds for plantation

Indian Jatropha 90% Germination Seeds for plantation.super gold quality. Packing in 20 / 50 kg pp bags.[...]