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[Китай]Яркий отжиг бесшовных труб из нержавеющей стали

Яркий отжиг труб из нержавеющей стали в бесшовные / Высокая чистота Электронные трубки полировки нержавеющей стали Предназначен для критических и чистоты приложений, таких как производство полупроводников, высокой чистоты БИС трубы доставки газа, химических веществ и растворителей[...]


[Китай]Solar watetr pump

Solar water pumps can used to irrigate crops, water livestock, and provide potable drinking water. Solar water pump uses peak solar array output which frequently coincides with high water demand during long, dry summer days. In the event of cloudy weather solar water pump systems often use storage tanks to store excess water. Unlike generator powered water pumping systems, solar water pumps do not require fuel or constant maintenance. Solar water pumps can also be designed for portability to be[...]


[Китай]solar toy-cabin

Solar cabin can working under sun without electricity.[...]


[Китай]Solar Panel

We can offer solar panel range from 5w-280w.[...]


[Китай]Solar camping lantern

we can offer differenct models of campling lantern,OEM or ODM AS WELL.[...]


[Китай]green energy for SWHS

solar water heater help you to save energy, we are one of the main exporter of China in this field welcome you pay attention on Peak solar water heater please contact us for the detail[...]


[Великобритания]For Sell Auto and truck battery Drained Lead Battery Scrap

*Detailed Selling Lead Description* We are active in sales: Auto and truck battery, Drained Lead Battery Scrap (As per ISRI Code” RAINS"),and we ship globally. We have 12,500 MT of Drained Dry Lead-Acid Batteries (RAINS) at our yard, *Drained dry whole intact lead batteries (free of acid liquid) (ISRI CODE: RAINS), *Lead Acid Batteries of White color only with P.P. material. *Not black batteries with ebonite material* *Major based Coun try UK and EUROPE. Regards John Evensen Battery Home Limited[...]


[Китай]Non-pressure integrated solar water heater

Features: 1. Reliable water tank quality: no leak, no corroding, no distortion even in severe winter. 2. Refuse incrustation: provide you more clean hot water. 3. In favor of your pocket: more efficiency per cost of your coin. 4. Higher efficiency absorb solar thermal:adopt three-layer heat collection techniques, capture maximum solar spectrum ray. 5. Instant starting up: high grade heat-transfer copper heat-pipe conduct thermal absolutely also immediately, even in cloudy weather condition. 6. Super[...]


[Китай]Thermosiphon solar water heater

Features: 1. Use in any time: it adopts advanced design idea and integrates with high efficiency preheated patent technique, so it can warm the cold water rapidly when it flows through special pipe. It can overcome the short of traditional SWH, such as sloe heating, long waiting time. 2. More capacity: we adopt special exchanging heat mode, it avoids mixed effect, so cold water can be heated at any moment. 3. Strong hydraulic pressure: the hydraulic pressure is same as tap water, it is very suitable[...]


[Китай]Flat plate solar water heater

Features: 1.Collector can be separated or connected with storage water tank. 2. The forge self-melt welded process offers the best combination of durability, strength, thermal conductivity and cost efficiency. 3. Since there are no solder, adhesive or mechanical joints--nothing to deteriorate with age and high temperature. The high-speed, high-frequency welding process can maintain the original strength of the hard-temper material. The corrugations on the fins provide added rigidity[...]