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[Китай]oil recycling machine

oil recycling,oil recycle,oil refine,oil treatment,oil disposal,oil reclaim,dewater,oilpurifier,oil purifier,emulsion,demulsibility,cooler oil purification, oil processing, wasteoiltreatment, waste oil disposal, waste oil regeneration, waste oil reclaim, waste oil treatment, waste oil clean, cooking oil recycle, hydraulic oil purification, oil purging, turbine oil filter, aging oil regeneration, decline oil reproduction, seasoning oil rebirth, hydraulic oil reclaim, machine oil recycling, compressor[...]


[Китай]solar collector

The eta plus coating is a ceramic metal compound. This so-called CERMET (ceramic metal compound) is comprised of several single layers in which metal particles are embedded in a ceramic matrix. Due to scattering effects, they absorb radiation within a certain wavelength range. The metal content of the eta plus coating system gradually decreases towards the surface. The coating applied to the surface of the substrate is a passivating metal coating. It serves as a diffusion barrier as well[...]


[Китай]Stapless Bookbinding Machine

Environmental PaperClip-Stapless Stapler! Features: 1) Fashionable model Bookbinding Machine 2) The best character is clip paper without staple.Meet present environment-protecting idea 3) Handle simple and reliable appearance 4) Avoid embarrassed situation because of no staple. 5) More color optional 6) G.W. 35g Packing: Color Retail Small Box Print your logo on it is available![...]


[Taйвань]Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT)

With regard to the wind power, we have developed Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) and components, including PM Generators, MPPT Controllers, Inverters, Converters, etc, which can be dealt with as standalone products and be supplied to the system manufacturers System In the power output, our development is split into two stages: 1st Stage: 100W-10kW 2nd Stage: 25kW-150kW At present our standard models available to the market: 100W Portable Mini Type (Model iW101) 300W Movable Small[...]


[Португалия]Solar Panel

We are able to suply all kind of solar panels ( dimention and powers , solar equipment as controler , bateries, inverters ( 12V, 24v, 48v to 230 VAC ). Solar PV systems for stand alone use, or conectin with your local power network.[...]


[Китай]Flat plate solar collector

Creative Solar Energy Co., Ltd is leading manufacturer for solar flat plate collector and water heater in South China. Currently , our product falls into two main categories : Flat-plate collector with copper absorber Flat-plate collector with aluminum absorber We are certificated by SOLARKEYMARK, and CE. In order to improve our production and management, we applied and passed ISO9001 in 2006. Evey processing step is well set and monitored by our team. We are clear that a sound[...]


[Индия]Lead wire

Lead Wires are manufactured to cover a wide range of dimensions and materials to suit the many applications. We are the producer of Lead Wires that we produce in various forms as per the requirement of customers. The function of lead wire are multiple naming a few in bullets, electric lamps, in bridge rectifiers and so on Plz reply on my mail id mukesh[...]


[Индия]Lead Bricks

Gravita India offers Straight type lead bricks for radiation shielding where interlocking bricks will not suit your application. They can be cut on site in any direction without the fear of loosing the interlocking capability. A Double row stacked behind the first in a staggered pattern can combat the loss of radiation commonly known to happen through the first row gaps.[...]


[Индия]Lead Powder

Gravita considered as leader in powdered Lead metallurgy, as we offer Lead Metal Powder: A variety of high purity atomized Lead Powder A broad range of options in grade sizes and custom blends Order sizes tailored from small quantities to truckloads[...]


[Индия]Lead Ingots

Pure Lead Ingot is being produced from Raw Lead Bullion / Lead Metallic Scrap though Pyrometallurgical process. Our Refining Process, producing Pure Lead Ingots with a minimum purity level of 99.97% by weight but achieves purity level of 99.985% in most of cases.[...]