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[Польша]Lever Action Crimping Pliers

With the new generation of Crimping Pliers even large conductor cross sections that normally require a high handforce can be crimped easily. The new lever transmission reduces the necessary handforce up to 30% compared with regular crimping pliers. .: new generation of lever action crimping pliers .: for solder-free electrical connections .: the new lever transmission reduces the handforce up to 30% compared with regular crimping pliers .: repetitive, high crimping quality due to precision[...]

Проверенный ПартнерЕврофирма


[Китай]Compression Dead End Clamp

for dead end of various conductors including AAAC, ACSR, AAC etc.[...]


[Китай]Sell universal single satellite LNBF

Input frequency: 10.7 to 11.7GHz, 11.7 to 12.75GHz Output frequency: 950 to 1,950MHz, 1,100 to 2,150MHz Low frequency: 9.75GHz, 10.6GHz Noise figure: 0.3dB Gain: 65dB[...]


[Китай]computer/network cables, connector, USB Hub, Switch, DVI,HDMI,KVM,VGA,AV cables

Dear Sir/Madam, VCOM Eelctronics Co., Ltd, established in 1994, having over 30,000 square meter factory and near 1000 employees. We are one of leading manufacturers and exporters focus on Computer & Communication Cables, Network products & Accessories, Telephone cable, AV cable, Electrical cable, Connector/Adapter, USB HUB, Switch, Spliter, and KVM, RGB, DVI, HDMI, V35, SCSI cables,HDD/SATA cable, Power cord /supply cable. We have a wide range of products and models for your selection.[...]


[Япония]Energy Saving Lamps

127V / 220V 13W / 15W / 18W / 23W / 26W / 32W Min. 8,000hrs Day light / Yellow light[...]


[Китай]9V LED flashlight

LED flashlight, use 9 volt battery as power, 3 super bright LED, on-off switch. A easy and practical LED torch you should have.[...]


[Китай]Solar camping lantern

Solar Lantern Model No. 025A With 3W or 4W mono-crystalline solar panel, with 9W U tube Three powers: 110V/220V AC charge,12V DC charge and solar panel to charge Charge time: AC charge 12hrs, solar panel charge over 8hrs Operating time: around 5hrs Built-in rechargeable battery(6V 4AH Lead-Cid battery) With mobile phone charger. Waterproof[...]


[Taйвань]High efficiency motor

High efficiency~ increase energy workability, loss less 10%~30% than standard, the more motor running, the more energy saving. Low vibration ~ precision process, energy balance, low vibration. Low noise~ high efficiency motor is less loss, lower Mag Flux Density, precision process, energy balance and low noise. 3 phase motor is designed against international characteristics and quality spec. Low noise, long validity motor is the most economic tools. Design standard: IEC 、 JIS 、 CNS.[...]


[Китай]Dynamo camping lantern with radio and charger

Dynamo Lantern with Radio Model No.: 628 Dynamo camping lantern with 8pcs super LEDs. Dynamo 3mins can light 30mins With AM/FM radio and mobile phone charger, also it can charge MP3,MP4,PDA ,etc. With emergency siren and red light blinking 3powers: Hand cranking , AC/DC charge and AA batteries. Built-in rechargeable batteries. With carry handle and hook Unit size: 12.1*12.1*23.2cm[...]


[Китай]LED bulb lamp

1)Use 15pcs 5mm led. Have 20 angle or 90 angle or possible. 2)AC220V 2 watt low power long life. 3)We have MR16, MR11, GU10, E27 4)Color: White, Blue, Red, Green, Amber[...]