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[Российская Федерация]Кислотоупорная плитка ГОСТ 961-89

Компания ХимСтройРесурс производит кислотоупорные плитки для строительства химически стойких полов, футеровки аппаратуры и стен. Толщина кислотоупорных плиток составляет от 20 до 35 мм, размеры 213х113, 200х200, 300х300. Все плитки соответсвуют ГОСТу и имеют кислотостойкость 98-99%. Для[...]


[Российская Федерация]Плитка кислотоупорная, плита камнелитая, кислотоупорная продукция

ООО ХимСтройРесурс поставляет плитку кислотоупорную ГОСТ 961-89 всех типоразмеров, плиту камнелитую ТУ 21-РСФСР-680-87, другие кислотоупорные керамические изделия и изделия из каменного литья.[...]


[Китай]Sell handcrafted ceramic tile

We are specialized in hand-made tiles including glass glazed tile,hand-painted tiles, hand-crafted tiles, moldings, decors, liners, trims and field tiles, and all kinds of stone mosaic, mental mosaic, including borders, moldings, and mosaic, with more than thousands of kinds products being available for your choice: 1. Handmade,handpainted ceramic & terracotta tiles 2. Mosaic field tiles, liners and borders from natural stones and ceramics 3. Metal and handmed glass tile and mosaics[...]


[Египт]Urgent ,Looking for Ceramic Tiles distributer

Dear sirs : We are very interested to have a very good and serious distributer in the United Arab Emirates and all the countries in the whole world too . Al Noor Egypt, Co.Ltd. Ceramic tiles manufacturer and exporter looking for a serious distributer and Represents and also consulting of engineering offices , Construction companies As for consulting of engineering offices Contract Terms 1- Commission is negotiable when contracting according to the required[...]


[Китай]Pilates OJ001

New products of 2008 in Oceano. Multi-loading and natural close-grained.[...]


[Китай]Sell EPS building materials

We offer light-weight EPS building materials which are suitable for the external and the interior decoration of the buildings, private housing, and villas.[...]



The main products of Oceano in 2007 & 2008.[...]


[Китай]Mocha Travertine

Highly simulation effect, Ultra-strong performance, uncommon habitude.[...]


[Китай]Self closing rectangular square shape toilet seat

Beewill Duroplast soft close and quick release toilet seat Material: Urea/ duroplast/ thermoset plastic/uf/thermoplastic Product Range: 1.Euro Standard toilet seat, 2.American round and elongated toilet seat, 3.D Shape toilet seat, 4.Square Shape toilet seat, 5.Slim line toilet seat with or without LED, 6.Decorative printing toilet seat, 7.Careline raised seat and ring only toilet seat for disabled and elder people, 8.Electroinc automatic intelligent toilet seat and bidet Optional[...]


[Китай]Dog-bone Rubber Tile

Dog-bone Rubber Tile Material:100% recycled rubber granules Size:200*160mm inch 8*6 Thickness:23&43mm inch 0.9&1.7 Color:Red,green,blue,black,grey,andother is available according to the quantity Application: Park,pathway,horse stable,Roof Garden,Gym,School,Residential Area, Commercial area 1. Dog-bone Rubber Tile, H shape rubber tile 2. Used in walkway, horse stables, paddocks. 3. Interlocked design, easy to install, won't move easily 4. Over 8 years guarantee 5. With Europe[...]