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[Польша]SILVERCODERS DocStorage

SILVERCODERS DocStorage is a utility that can help you improve document management in your company. If you use a lot of electronic or paper documents, it will be a great improvement to have one database for all invoices, guarantees, protocols and other documents. In this scenario you can browse and read your documents, categorize them, make some aggregations and reports on every workstation. Preparing backup task for all documents in company is also an easy thing. Electronic document archiving and[...]


[Китай]All Types of Flash Memory Card

Product Description All types of flash memory card such as Secure Digital Card,MMC card,CompactFlash Card,MS Pro Duo,miniSD,microSD/TF card,XD card,DV RS-MMC Card and M2 CARD for laptop,mobilephone,DC,DV and PDA,etc. Unexpected low price!More Profitable![...]


[Китай]USB Wireless PC Lock

This Wireless PC Lcok is the security solution that continues to protect the PC when the user has logged on. The user also can use this product to avoid the snooper touching the PC. Besides, the user also can use the TX part to set up the time of the PC. Features: 1. One unique “Security Code” in the Transmitter part. Computer will recognizes the code automatically. 2. One transmitter can be shared with several PC. 3. Operation Frequency:315 MHZ for FCC / 434MHZ for CE. 4. Transmitter[...]


[Китай]USB Combo(3 Port USB HUB+Card Reader)

Product Description USB Combo(3 Port USB HUB+Card Reader) Features: 3 Port USB Hub Compact Flash Card (typeIand II); IBM Micro Drive; Smart Media Card; SONY Memory Stick/pro; Secure Digital Card; Multi Media Card; XD Picture System Requirement: IBM PC 486DX4-100MHz or higher or campatible system Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Linux[...]


[Китай]USB TO SATA Docking for 2.5" & 3.5 HDD

1. Compliant with serial ATA specifications Revision1.0 2. Supports serial ATA Generation 1 transfer rate of 1.5GB/s (150MB/S) 3. Suitable for 3.5" HDD or 2.5" HDD 4. Support hot swappable 5. 2 port USB hub 6. Support ( 1 )CF SLOT . ( 2 )SD SLOT, ( 3) XD SLOT , ( 4 ) MS SLOT , ( Mini SD, T-flash/Micro SD Adapter required) for fast multimedia files access. 7. One Touch Backup function[...]


[Китай]Combo ( Card Reader /USB HUB )

Specification: 1. Card Reader: Supports Mini SD, Micro SD, M2(adapter not needed) & SDHC (SD 2.0) 2. USB HUB: 2 prot USB 2.0 HUB 3. Size: 70x70x10mm[...]


[Китай]Acekard 2i(ak2i) for dsi/ndsi,dstt,u2ds,m3 real rumble pack,r4ds,r4-3,dsone,NDS Flash card

Original cart size, simple plug and play, no passme or flashed NDS needed The Acekard 2i is the same size as an original cart and you don't have to flash your machine or use a passme in order to use it. Support DSi, DSL, IDSL, DS and IDS Never lost save data Acekard 2i writes directly to the save file on your MicroSD card. No need to manually select save types nor battery. Save files are compatible with other flash carts. All you need to do is make sure the save file has the same prefix[...]


[Китай]M2 Card Reader

Features & Spce. 1. Single slot for SONY micro memory stick (M2) 2. Power and working indication LED 3. Compliant USB2.0, Compatible with USB1.1 4. High speed data transfer up to 480Mbps 5. True plug & play and Hot swapping view, edit and copy image photos / data / music 6. Power consumption from USB devices 7. Driverless for Win ME/XP, MAC OS 9.X, Linux 10.X or above 8. Mini size: 44 x 19 x 9mm 9. Light weight: 6.5g Packing detail 1. 500 PCS / CTN (50x36x26. 5 mm)[...]


[Китай]Bluetooth Dongle

Specification: 1. Compatible with USB 2.0/1.1/1.0 2. Built-in Antenna, LED indicator 3. Range: 10 meters 4. Up to 1 Mbps data rate 5. Supports multi languages 6. Size / Weight: 52x19x9mm / 8g[...]


[Taйвань]Skype phone with PDA

1. USB PC synchronize 2. Internet phone 3. Corrency conversion 4. Alarm clock 5. Secret lock 6. 100 records storage 7. Touch screen 8. Home time & world time 9. Telephone & E-mail 10. Address book 11. 8-digital calculator 12. Auto power off[...]