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[Германия]Sell Sulzer Looms Model G6200

14 Sulzer G6200 with Dobby Stäubli width: 200 cm 8 colorsYoc 1995-1996 6 schaft installed but capacity 28 schafts 2 Iro galagxy with each machine without cloth roll additional equipement 19 kettbeam dia 100 cm 84 schafts and other parts Location: Germany Price and pictures upon request[...]


[Германия]Sell used Textile Machines

We offer NEW & USED MACHINERY FOR SALE : 1) Used Sulzer Weaving Looms: TW11, P7100, P7200 2) Flat knitting machines (STOLL) 3) Used looms and the equipments 4) Complete Lines to manufacture BELT Leather and Plastic/ Liquidation 5) Complete Tricot factory ( STOLL & Rimoldi Machinery) /Liquidation - Looms (shuttle, shuttleless/Rapier, water Jet & Air Jet, etc.) And Equipments - Different Kinds Of Machine Tools, -Sulzer Spare Parts , And Other Different Machineries.[...]