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[Китай]Agra Soft Capsule

We are the manufacturer of Jinshenkang Granules (Sensual Tea). We would like to recommend you our better herbal Agra Soft Capsule, which is a special blend of rare herbs and other plants. It is used to improve the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction, to strengthen erectile function and to alleviate fatigue. Characteristics: 1. Herbal contents, high-concentrated and fast-effective; 2. It works 40 minutes after taking two capsules, lasting 12 hours or more. 3. Mainly boosts men's sex drive, improves[...]


[Китай]Jinshenkang Sensual Tea

Our factory specializes in manufacturing Jinshenkang Granules (The Sensual Tea), which is a special blend of rare herbs and other pla nts, herbal contents. It has special effects for improving sexual performance and satisfaction in both men and women. We would like to recommend you the tea as follows: Characteristics: 1. Only 40 minutes after taking the tea, it works fast. 2. Sexual intercourse will last 40 minutes or longer, and stimulate sexual desire repeatedly within 12 hours, encountering[...]


[Aвстралия]Natural Emu oil Body Milk plus Vitamin E, 250ml

Y-Not Natural Body Milk plus Vitamin E (250ml) Body milk has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of body skin which has been exposed to environmental stresses such as wind and especially the sun. It is an ideal emergency treatment to relieve irritating sensations caused by over exposure. This body milk helps desensitise the effects of over exposure to the sun and artificially controlled climates. It is light, silky milk which absorbs immediately on application leaving no greasy[...]


[Aвстралия]Natural Emu oil Moisturiser plus Vital ET, 200g

Y-Not Natural Hand Cream plus Vital ET (200g) Hand cream with Vital ET and Emu Oil added to condition, moisturise and protect your skin. Y-Not Natural Hand cream helps skin appear smoother, healthier and more radiant. The Emu oil that we add to our hand cream deeply penetrates the skin to restore skin tissue. It is great for skin rashes and sunburn and reduces their adverse effects. Y-Not Natural Hand Cream Plus Vital ET will: • Transforms dry, dehydrated skin into silky soft, supple skin. •[...]


[Aвстралия]Natural Emu oil Shampoo, 250ml

Y-Not Natural Shampoo (250ml) Y-Not Natural Shampoo is an innovative and unique natural shampoo which is infused with botanical extracts and Emu Oil to help restore your hair back to its natural lustre and health. This synergistic blend of natural ingredients and a unique formulation process result in an effective natural shampoo without the use of irritating detergents, alcohol, solvents, or SLS/SLES. Y-Not Natural Shampoo will appeal to your senses with the natural Essential Oil’s, the[...]


[США]Pau Yuen Tong balm

One of the most reliable and dependable products for men designed to extend their lovemaking for hours, and prevent pre-mature ejaculation.This Balm is not a desensitizer, and allows the parties to enjoy the sensations experienced during intercourse. Your partner will be amazed at the new lover she has discovered overnight.[...]


[Южная Корея]Skin hair remover HLB-1004

Features: - World first portable-type hair remover - Compact design - A charger is used for power. - A compound function product designed so that high frequency waves and laser energy can reach hair roots at the same time - Microchips are used to make the product small and portable. - A cordless product of charging type, which can be used anytime and anywhere. - By adopting square spring tweezers, many hairs can be removed at a time. The method also makes it possible to remove even[...]



IGF-1LR3 is produced by recombinant DNA technology,it is a highly purified protein with 83 amino acid residues. Biological potency is determined using a cell proliferation bioassay. We have two kinds of IGF-1LR3 products,100mcg/vial and 1000mcg/vial.We certifiy that our IGF-1LR3 products are qualified.Because we operate the best technics and process,our cost is the lowest of the world,so our sales price is the lowest too.[...]


[Китай]hgh, somatropin

r-hGH is produced by recombinant DNA technology,it is a highly purified protein with 191 amino acid residues.The amino acid sequence of the product is identical to that of pituitary-derived human growth hormone.Biological potency is determined using a cell proliferation bioassay.We have several kinds of r-hGH products,including bulk powder,bulk solution and injection(from 2.5—18 IU per vial).We certifiy that all of our r-hGH products are qualified for USP/EUP/BP/WHO standard.Because we operate[...]


[Aвстралия]Natural Emu oil Moisturiser plus Vitamin E, 250ml

Y-Not Natural Moisturiser plus Vitamin E (250ml) Our natural moisturiser has been infused with Emu Oil, rich in essential fatty acids and enhanced with the vital nutrients and anti-oxidants needed by your skin. This exclusive formulation will replenish moisture and nourish your skin resulting in smoother, shinier and healthier skin. Y-Not Natural Moisturiser + Vitamin E can be used as a; • Cleanser; • Day Crème to Smooth Wrinkles; • Make-up base; • Night Crème for Cuts & Rashes; •[...]