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[Китай]Safety / scaffold/ construction net

All-purpose multi-use netting with high tenacity, in a variety of colors, Our products comprehend Safety net, Safety barrier net/fence, Pond netting, Bird netting, olive net, Containment netting, Net Guard, Shade cloth, gardening net, sport net, Anti-wind net, packing bag net, and some other different kinds of PE net.[...]


[Иран]lightweight Blocks, Foam concrete blocks

export lightweight Blocks, Foam concrete blocks. Foamed concrete block provides structure, insulation and fire resistance in a single material. Excellent thermal efficiency makes a major contribution to environmental protection by sharply reducing the need for space heating and cooling in buildings. As transport charges, it is suitable to Middle East.[...]


[Китай]Plain PC Wire

Plain PC Wire, also called plain surface PC steel wire or smooth PC wire, is a traditional type of PC wire. The surface of plain PC wire is smooth, without ribs, not indented. Plain PC wire has the advantages of low relaxation and high tensile strength. Therefore it is considered as the desirable steel material used in large-load, long-span PC structures, such as PC bridge, PC sleeper, PC pipe and large-span sloping rope bridge. What's more, it does not have an explicit yield point, so users can[...]


[Китай]Indented PC wire

Indented PC wire, also called indented PC steel wire, PC indented wires and oval indented PC wire, is a kind of PC wire which surface is indented. The shape of the indented surface can be round, ellipse, rhombus, etc. At the same time, the indented surface can be classified into two-sides, three-sides, and four-sides. Compared with the plain PC wire, it can heavily combine the steel wire with concrete in order to transfer the desired compressive force from the steel wire to the concrete. What’s[...]


[Китай]PC wire

Features Can give full play to the performance of the material. Improve crack resistance. Anti permeability. High tensile strength. Saving steel. Applications Prestressed concrete structures: PC pressure pipe, concrete pipes. Building structures: multi-layer industrial buildings, factory frameworks, high-rise buildings and houses, nuclear power plants, stadiums. Road and bridge structures: bridges, subway, highway, railway sleepers. Reinforcing structures: rock-soil anchoring project, dams. Other[...]


[Китай]Spiral ribbed PC wire

Spiral ribbed PC wire, also called spiral PC wire and spiral ribbed PC steel wire, is one of the traditional products of PC wire. Compared with the plain PC wire, its surface is not smooth but spiral. Commonly, there are 3 - 6 consecutive spiral ribs on the surface. The advantage is that spiral ribs can strengthen the combination between wire and concrete, thus increasing the performance of the PC construction structure and extending its life. What's more, it is widely used in PC telegraph poles,[...]


[Китай]PC strand

PC strand, also called PC steel strand, is twisted by several PC wires. It can be classified into uncoated PC strand, epoxy coated PC strand, galvanized PC strand, etc. PC strand is a high tensile and low relaxation strand which has wide range of uses, such as prefabricated concrete elements, typical post-tensioning projects and off-shore constructions. At the same time, our PC strand is available in several different thicknesses, different structures, different surface treatment and so on. All can[...]


[Китай]Series of Anchors

We can supply all kinds of anchors, such as wedge anchors, sleeve, shell anchors, drop in anchors,metal and nylon frame anchors, wire anchors,hollow wall anchors,hammer drive anchors.....[...]


[Китай]Square brass shower head

Item No.:HA0101 8" Square brass shower head Brass body with grey rubber nozzles Square 195MM*195MM Surface chrome plating. Very high quality brass material. HH0102 350mm/400mm square brass shower arm We supply brass shower head, hand shower,shower mixer, shower bar,sliding rail, sliding bars,wall bracket, brass fittings, contact us for more information.[...]



We produce numerous materials such as: lightweight concrete blocks, fitting bricks, prefabricated building components including fencing cement barriers, and border pavement, prefabricated panelling, sound and heat insulated partition, super light weight heat insulated ceilings, dried mortar.prefabricated House *Competitive price : only 1/3 of normal building fee *Short working time : 1 Week *Movatable *Reusable[...]