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Product Description Our company takes refrigerated and insulated van body with German technology and equipments as typical products. These products are all closed panel-box structure. 1. About the equipment & the technology: 1) Adopt the know-how and special equipments of kogel Fahrzeugwerke AG to produce the sandwich panels of refrigerated & insulated truck with wet in method and high pressure, vaccum workmanship. 2) The special press machine can meet various requirement of refrigerated[...]



The pistons are made of aluminum alloy through casting process. The ability of the cast material is to have high strength, strength for high hot resistance for surface abrasion, better thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. The piston consists of bare compressor ring groove or insert of spheroidal-graphite (SG) alphin for long lasting.[...]


[Китай]zinc wheel balance weights

we can supply zinc clip on weight,adhesive weights.[...]


[Китай]steel bell

Iron beat bell, the dia is 52mm / 54mm / 58mm , The surface finishment : Chromed, balck painted[...]


[Китай]Air horn

The air horns are for farm tractors or bicycles .[...]


[Китай]supply gsm car alarm,parking sensor ,power window,car alarm

We are manufacturer of GSM car alarm,Parking sensor and Power window. 1.Product:GSM car alarm Function and Feature: 1)No distance limited/ GSM network 2)Alarm to phone; report the detail situation of the car 3)Control cars by phone: Arm/disarm, enable/disable the engine,etc. 4)Simple friendly voice menu 5)7 telephone numbers: Two for warning and control; two for emergency; three fast dial numbers 6)Transmitter usage as normal: arm/disarm, car searching, mute arm 7)Trigger Sensor including[...]


[Китай]gsm car alarm

Model:GSM-118S GSM short message long-distance control car alarm system Function: Remote control 1. Arm/disarm 2. Lock/unlock 3. Car finding 4. Trunk release 5. Emergency help 6. Enable/disable shock sensor(optional) 7. Disable siren temporarily 8. Start/stop engine Phone 1. Arm/disarm 2. Lock/unlock 3. Enable/disable shock sensor 4. Activate/deactivate immobilizer 5. Activate/deactivate alarm phone numbers 6. Open power window 7. Check the status o 8. Broadcast to the driver 9.[...]


[Китай]parking sensor(rear camera)

2. Products: Parking sensor We have LED series,VFD series,Magic mirror series,LCD series,Camera series,wireless series parking sensors. Specification: Stage-by-stage sound alarm Sensor style and color optional 2/4/6/8 sensors system optional Human voice alarm optional Anti-freezing, rainy-proof design, work well under extreme cold weather rear camera detect distance:from 0.35M to 2M[...]



Supply high quality CAr radiators[...]


[Китай]Steering knuckle

DIGUO AUTO owns first-class equipment and advanced production technology, and can do customized production according to customer drawings requirements or sample and OEM. Auto parts products produced by our own factory and our cooperated factory include: brake pad, brake disc, brake shoe, steel backing, brake pump, alarm line, steering gear box, steering knuckle, steering power booster, pedal bracket, ignition coil, spark plug, internal combustion engine piston, oil pan, fuel rail, oil seal, O molding[...]