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Soft boning. Width: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 40mm, 80mm, 150mm Colors - 20[...]


[США]Sea shell buttons & blanks

We are leading Vietnam manufacturers & exporters from generation to generation for Various sea shell buttons & blanks for any size and design by, MOP, Trochus, Black lip, Brown Lip, Abalone, Agoya, Turbo, etc. For more information please feel free to email me for any other discussion.[...]


[США]Providers for Shell Inlay, Shell Tiles

Our factory in Vietnam had been from generation to generation now. Therefore clients with large order and long term business relationship don’t have to worry about our quality, quantity and reputation. Flat Shell - We work with all natural materials are comes from seashell that perfectly cut in the form of chips. It may also come from a variety of designs and shapes depending on customers’ choice and preference. We have available in any different shapes, sizes and made by different type[...]


[Китай]High Bright Polyester - Mini-King Spools

Market's Popular Thread Ideal For Any Type Machine Superior To Traditional Sewing Spools 1680 full series Colors, 112 Popular colors High Tensile Strength Super Bight Shine Bleach Resistant High Quality Competitive price View Color Chart Description: 120 Denier 2 Ply Polyester - Size 40 Needle Size: 11.75 Meters: 1,000 Meters. ( 1,100 Yds ) Thread weight: 26 Grams Net Weight of 1,000 embroidery thread (Approx.) Spool weight: 7 Grams Net Weight of Deep Grey[...]


[Польша]Embroidery fabrics

We present a lot of different embroidery fabrics in different colors an densyties. More you can find on www.[...]


[Польша]дизайны из камнеи, , термо-джетов

Фирма „STARK POLSKA”, является динамически развивающимся предприятием имеющим в своем предложении полную гамму хрустальных аксессуары для одежды , которые благодаря своему высокому качеству придают исключительный характер каждому изделию. Предлагаем тоже оригинальные дизайны[...]


[Пакистан]Leather Vest Coat

Leather Vest Coat. Genuine cow hide leather. 4 metal buttons in front. sides with laces. Available Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL.[...]


[Польша]Fringe Bullion, Brush, Looped, Tassel, Braids, Gimps, Trimmings

Manufacturer of trimmings offers: Fringes - polypropylene light bullion fringes in wide range of colours for curtains, lamp-shades - polypropylene brush fringes - bobble and tassel fringes - chenille rainbow fringes - viscose looped, bullion and cut fringes - metallic bullion fringes gold and silver for banners - polyester bullion fringes (upholstery) Braids and Gimps - polypropylene knitted braids - viscose knitted braids - viscose gimps - polyester fancy braids - metallic[...]


[Польша]BST - Sewing Threads

Sewing threads produced by the European manufacturer BST. Available in polyester spun (TURIP), core - spun (CORTAL), air entangled (AIR JET), textured (TELEC), continuous (TREFOR, SURFLEX), polyester - cotton (CORTORIA, aramid (NOMEX & KEVLAR), poliamide (NYLON & INCOLOR), cotton (SAIDA, OLYMPIC, NO4). Waterrepallant, flame retardant, antistatic.[...]


[Индия]Zari Laces, Trimmings, Braids.

Zari Laces, Trimmings, Braids, Borders, Sequins & Handmade Laces, Fringes, Trims,Jacquard Borders, Beaded Ribbon, Cotton Laces, Organza Laces, Patches, Bullion Fringes, Military Braid,etc.are made from variety of yarns.[...]