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[Китай]Bamboo/organic cotton 50/50 fabrics woven &knitting fabrics

100% organic cotton towels Weight: 300G/M² -600G/M² Size: 33x33cm, 40x70cm, 41x66cm 70x140cm, 100x180cm White or solid color. Our organic cotton was certified by Control union certficate from Netherland. Organic cotton (No Synthetic Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Fertilizers or Antibiotics Used) Our organic cotton was Certified by Control Union Certificates with OE Blended and "OE 100" Standards. Our ranges of towels are extremely soft and absorbent.[...]


[Китай]table cloth

Cotton/polyester 50/50 32/2X32/2 22Og/m² satin 4/1 126"Inch after White bleached.[...]


[Китай]milk fiber yarn

Milk fiber yarn and fabricas made of 100%milk or milk/cotton blended. Yarn Count: Ne10s - Ne40s Our milk yarn is produced by milk fiber. The Milk fiber is made of milk. The main raw materials in the milk fiber are casein proteins drawn from the milk, which has the following characteristics: 1. Healthy and nutritious to the skin: In milk protein fiber, the protein content is high and it contains more than ten kinds of amino-acid which is beneficial to human's health. And protein natural humectant[...]


[Китай]soybean yarn

Soybean or soybean/cotton blended yarn Yarn count: Ne 10s - 40s Soybean yarn almost for socks or undercloth. Capabilities: (1) Good capability of moisture-absorption; Fast dry (2) Good evenness; Washable; Keeping the shape; Anti-pilling (3) With soft and smooth hand feeling; Skin-friendly (4) Vivid dyeing color (5) Anti-bacteria; Bacteriostasis; Anti-ultraviolet; Anti-far infrared rayInner/Out Packing According to clients' demands[...]


[Китай]Microfiber Peach Printed Fabric

Microfiber peach printed Features: 1) Composition: 100% polyester 2) Specification: 75D x 150D / 139 x76 3) Width: 57/58" 4) Weight: 113gsm 5) Finishing: W/R + printed 6) Suitable for making jackets, shirts and curtains[...]


[Китай]Silk Georgette Fabric

Silk georgette 10102 Features: 1) Composition: 100% silk 2) Construction: 10m/m 10102 3) Width: 43/44" 4) Weight: 43gsm 5) Finishing: printed 6) Suitable for making evening dresses and ladies' dresses,scarf, handkerchief[...]


[Китай]Polyester Satin Printed Fabric

Features: 1) Composition: 100%polyester 2) Construction: 50Dx75D/215x90 3) Weight: 83gsm 4) Width: 57 / 58" 5) Finish: plain dyed+W/R+printed 6) Suitable for underwear, neckties, dresses, bedspread etc…[...]


[Китай]Polyester Taffeta Fabric(Lining Fabric)

210T Polyester Taffeta 1.Composition: 100% polyester 2.Construction: 63D x 63D/210T 3.Weight : 65gsm 4.Width : 57/58" 5.Finishing : plain dye 6.Suitable for lining fabric,leisure-wear etc...[...]


[Китай]Plain Polyester Peach Skin Fabric

We specialize in peach skin and it is available for plain dyeing, PU/PA coating and milky coating. It is waterproof. Features: 1) Specification: 75Dx150D 100% polyester 2) Density: 144 x 76 3) Weight: 96g±2g 4) Width: 57", 58" 5) Finish: plain dyeing + waterproof + milky coating Inner packing: Poly bags[...]


[Китай]Silk Spandex Satin Fabric

Silk spandex satin Features: 1) Composition: 100% silk 2) Construction: 19m/m 3) Width: 43/44" 4) Weight: 82gsm 5) Finishing: plain dyed 6) Suitable for making evening dresses and ladies' dresses,underwear[...]