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Страна: Турция

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[Турция]Promotional Towels, Hotel towels, Sauna Towels, Spa Towels, Wellness Towels, Microfiber Towels

Ozra Textile Company Ltd, Turkey TOWELS - Luxury Bath Towels, Promotional Towels, Terry Cloth Towels, Printed Beach Towels - Kitchen Towels, Shower Towels, Cotton Towels, Dish Towels, Tea Towels - Hotel towels, Sauna Towels, Spa Towels, Wellness Towels, Striped pool towels - Golf Towels, Sports Towels, Bar Towels, Fitness Towels, Gym Towels, Sweat Towels - Face cloth, Hand Towels, Face Towels, Guest Towels, Bath Towels, Bath Sheets - Microfiber Bath towels, Microfiber Hair Towels, Bamboo[...]


[Турция]OE Yarn

We produce oe regenerated yarns With: Cotton/polyester - cotton/acrylic - cotton/viscone- cotton/flax- cotton/wool- cotton-polyester (linen look) - etc ---from ne 4 to 30 --- ---in sigle ply- and multi folds-- In colors- ecru- black- melange- mouline[...]





[Турция]Comber Noil

Comber Noil[...]


[Турция]Cotton Yarn Waste

Cotton Yarn Waste[...]


[Турция]Wool Waste

Wool Waste[...]


[Турция]Terry Headbands, Custom Sweatbands, Turban Towels, Hair Towels, Hair Turbans, Hair Wraps

Terry Headbands, Custom Sweatbands, Wrist Bands, Hair Bands, Bandeaux en éponge, Frottee Stirnband, Skyddshätta, Pannband, Hoofdbandje, Haarband spa - Bandeau éponge double pincé Ligne K., Tissu éponge extensible conton/polyester - Embroidered, Customized, Personalized, Monogrammed - Terry Cloth, Velour, Plush, Waffle weave quality variations - With velcro closure - Machine Washable - Cotton/Polyester - Keep your hair clean and dry while cleaning your face with this comfy white terry[...]


[Турция]Suede fabric

SUEDE 135 gsm 150 cm Micro Suede We can provide as ; * Suede * Paper printed suede * Backed with TC * Thermosetted 200 centigrade degree * Large color choices… * We can provide paper printed, as your desired designs…[...]



Used for apparel, espeacially for winter fashion. Woven product with TC . With a large color choice and ready stocks...[...]


[Турция]Quality Turkish towels and bathrobes

We can supply and already export stocklot or regular Turkish towels and bathrobes with a very competitive prices. If you interest please feel free to contact us.[...]