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Страна: Турция

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[Турция]Dormina elegance

Composition:85% Acrylic 15% Polyester Sizes: 220*240 200*240 160*220[...]


[Турция]cotton yarn

We are general organization for textile industry, dealing with textile marketting and foreign trade in Turkey. Our main activity is supplying yarn , socks and fabric. We are arranging for Export of Yarn to Buyers in various countries in the world. We offer the all type of yarns by depending on our experience of quality and service in the forms of warp, weft ,or tricot, single or twisted, waxed or un-waxed, and dyed in every panthone colors. Our sock machine park includes both Komet[...]


[Турция]Bed linen (dowry)

We have beeen produce all kind of bed linen. We have been selling domestic market with romania,s.africa and greece. We are ready send to catalouges,s amples etc We are ready to star business with yours..[...]


[Турция]Promotional Towels, Hotel towels, Sauna Towels, Spa Towels, Wellness Towels, Microfiber Towels

Ozra Textile Company Ltd, Turkey TOWELS - Luxury Bath Towels, Promotional Towels, Terry Cloth Towels, Printed Beach Towels - Kitchen Towels, Shower Towels, Cotton Towels, Dish Towels, Tea Towels - Hotel towels, Sauna Towels, Spa Towels, Wellness Towels, Striped pool towels - Golf Towels, Sports Towels, Bar Towels, Fitness Towels, Gym Towels, Sweat Towels - Face cloth, Hand Towels, Face Towels, Guest Towels, Bath Towels, Bath Sheets - Microfiber Bath towels, Microfiber Hair Towels, Bamboo[...]


[Турция]OE Yarn

We produce oe regenerated yarns With: Cotton/polyester - cotton/acrylic - cotton/viscone- cotton/flax- cotton/wool- cotton-polyester (linen look) - etc ---from ne 4 to 30 --- ---in sigle ply- and multi folds-- In colors- ecru- black- melange- mouline[...]





[Турция]Comber Noil

Comber Noil[...]


[Турция]Cotton Yarn Waste

Cotton Yarn Waste[...]


[Турция]Wool Waste

Wool Waste[...]


[Турция]Dormina blanket

85% Acrylic 15% Polyester Size:220*240 Weight:3.3 kg[...]