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[Польша]юридичні послуги

Фірма ICG пропонує наступні юридичні послуги: *по поверненню боргів від польських та іноземних боржників (Європа); *юридичні послуги; *бізнес-довідки про польські та ноземні фірми[...]




Efficient application of this instrument maximizes the efficacy of a Company’s activity without harming its image. As an „external” party P.R.E.S.C.O. may reach for a wider range of persuasion methods, eliminating collisions resulting from confronting financial pressure with the trade offer addressed at the same business partner. The most significant issue about monitoring activities is building efficient and effective contact with the debtor aiming at a proper collection of their payables,[...]


[Польша]Receivables Collection

Over a years’ presence on the market PRESCO has worked out and mastered the “art” of debt collection both as far as consumer mass receivables B2C and receivables due to economic turnover B2B are concerned, and the experience gathered thanks to this allows us to adjust our service to every Customer’s needs. Debt collection requires time, excellent sense of tact, effective tools, determination and patience. Having all that at our disposure we are a successful tool in the hands of our Customers. Within[...]


[Польша]Court and Bailiff Receivables Collection

At the point when negotiations with debtor performed by Customer’s Lawyers’ Office come to a standstill P.R.E.S.C.O represents its Customers within the complete scope of court – execution procedures at all courts. These activities are performed by the Lawyers’ Office PROKURA Limited Partnership which specializing in meeting the requirements following from collection processes. Transmission of any data between P.R.E.S.C.O and the Lawyers’ Office is instant thanks to complete synchronization[...]


[Польша]Receivables Exchange

Performing actions aiming at complete settlement of Customer’s receivables P.R.E.S.C.O buys or mediates in selling receivables of any value. The offer concerns help in finding purchasers of Customers receivables. Information about receivables for sale is published on the Internet services and is transmitted to business partners through “Receivables Exchange”. Within the scope of the service P.R.E.S.C.O.: - helps in preparing all legal and booking documentation necessary to complete the[...]


[Польша]Economic Research

Within the scope of its service P.R.E.S.C.O. performs a number of activities, collecting data about a given business entity. The information collected undergo evaluation and verification, and the result of this process is transmitted in the form of a legible report. Optionally, financial risk is evaluated (scoring, rating). It is also possible to perform other actions towards the controlled entity (e.g. collecting photocopy documentation) according to Customer’s wish. The realization term is[...]


[Польша]Debt recovery - whole Europe

ICG offers help in debt recovery in Poland and other European countries, legal services and business information reports. Payment under contracts signed with ICG are based on the results of our work and made only after successful recovery![...]



[Румыния]Debt collection

CYCLOP INKASSO will be glad to advise you - free of charge. The objective? To reduce amounts owed to you for far too long. And, if you like, to save ourselves work. Our debt collection team takes care, firmly but fairly, of those cases in which settlement is simply not forthcoming. To participate in one of our workshop sessions and make an appointment for a thorough initial consultation just click on Contact. Initial consultation lasts about three hours. The main topics: • a brief analysis[...]


[Польша]Legal services, debt collection

Debt collection services in Poland and other European countries, legal assistance, business information reports. We do not charge any advance paymant.[...]



[Польша]Debt collection, legal services - whole Europe

Debt collection services in Poland and other European countries, legal assistance, business information reports.[...]