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We offer service in the scope of: 1.Tooling – standard steel, stainless steel, coloured steel GRINDERS - polishing- maximal gabarit 2m x 1m x 0,7 GATE GRINDERS -treating in 3 planes with a possibility of angular polishing on the lateral sides MILING MACHINES - miling- maximal gabarit 3m x 1,2m x 1m, tolerance till 0.05mm GATE MILING MACHINE - treating in 3 planes, ungular miling BORER - maximal gabarit 1m x 1m, tolerance 0.01mm CO-ORDINATE DRILL - maximal gabarit[...]



The machine carries out the following functions: - Forms container of polymeric materials; - Doses and fills out paste-like products (e.g.: sour cream, yoghurt, melted cheese, mayonnaise, jam, etc.); - Cover and seals lids from the laminated aluminium foil; - Depending on volume of a doze cuts down 9, 6 or 4 boxes. Dimensions of packages: 100g 200g -Length 95mm 95mm -Width 63mm 63mm -Height[...]



Automatic wrapping machine is designed for making a sleeve of polyethylene film and locating piece products in it with following closing (sealing). Packed food-stuffs: wafer cups with ice-cream (ø65xø39xø76) and other food-stuffs by the piece Dimension of packages: -Length: 100-240 mm; -Width: 55-210 mm; -Height: 10-70 mm. Technical characteristics: Maximum output capacity- 90 packs/min Dimensions- 3700x900x1600 mm Weight- 370 kg[...]


[Литва]Линия повторный расфасовки сливочного масла

Линия перефасовки предназначена для повторной расфасовки сливочного масла из 20-25 кг блоков в брикеты потребительских размеров (10-500 тр). Линия состоит из четырех совмещенных машин различного функционального назначения роботающек как система.[...]



Automatic packaging machine is designed for packaging liquids and paste-type food products (e.g. sour cream, cream, melted cheese etc.) and cups made from polymeric with ring shape edge over the cup with diameter of 75 or 95 mm, polymeric lids from laminated foil thermally wedded layer. Dose mass: 100-500 ml TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Maximum output capacity- 40 packs/min Batching method- by volume Installed power- 1,4 kW Operation pressure in the pneumatic system- 0,5-0,6 MPa Dimensions-[...]



DESIGNATION The ARM automatic machine is designed for forming and packaging of butter in briquettes of 200(250) or 100(125) gr (or other), at temperatures of the operating environment above 0°C. Food stuffs are wrapped with aluminum foil laminates with the black or dark blue marks for the photo eye on a sides. COMPOSITION The automatic machine comprises the following basic members listed with reference to the manufacturing process cycles: casing (housing) with main drive unit,[...]



Automatic packaging machine is designed for foiling of processed cheese with aluminium foil Dose mass of product: 30g; 62,5g; 100g Dimensions of briquette: 30g-50x50x12mm; 62,5g-50x50x24mm; 100g-71x52x26mm; 100g-90x46x26mm Technical characteristics: Maximum output capacity- 65 bricks/min Dimensions- 2740x1510x1640 mm Weight- 1470 kg[...]


[Taйвань]Filler, packing machine

Automatically metering and filling various powder products, suit to bottle & bag packaging.[...]



The machine is designed for the filling liquids product (milk, kefir, cream, yoghurt, etc.) into the polyethylene packages and packing up these packages into boxes. Dimensions of packages: for 0,25 l 110x150 mm for 0,5 l 172x150 mm for 1,0 l 255x150 mm Technical characteristics: Maximum output capacity- 25 packs/min Dimensions- 1200x1700x2560 mm Weight- 501 kg[...]


[Китай]complete filling production line for potable water beverage

This set of machine is developed by our company to meet the need of large and medium-sized beverage producers for high-speed beverage filling equipment. After years of continuous improvement, the quality of the machines has been enhanced. Magnetic torque is used for screw capping, the power of screw capping can be adjusted step-less. It can use constant power to screw capping the plastic caps. The human machine interface is touch-screen. The most advanced PLC control and hequency changing technologies.[...]