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[Китай]Sell: candy box,tin cases,foods packaging boxes,containers

We are specialists in the manufacture of printed tinplate products, which we can produce to different specifications and to meet national standards. We offer a variety of shapes, including conventional round and square boxes as well as specially designed shapes to order. The majority of our products are exported and sold on foreign markets, many of which have been customized for famous brand clients around the world. Our products mainly are consisted of 3 series: Present tin (watch box, pencil[...]


[Польша]Container Production

Containers of all sizes and of all metal strengths are produced in accordance with customer�s wishes. Storage and Packaging container: * from ISO 6 to ISO 20 * Sea container ISO 20 and ISO 40 All containers have walls made of ribbed steel, frames of sectional steel, floors made of wood or steel on steel girders On the end of the container there is a double door which can be opened to its full width Product Information: * Space enough for every need * optimal[...]


[Китай]PP hollow sheet

PP hollow sheets are the polypropylene hollow sheets. Some people also callthem flute sheets or TwinWall Polypropylene Sheet. They are also widely used in packing and advertisement field. As the packing boxes,they can be reused and they are also waterproof,so they are very popular. They are also used as padding sheets. Size: 1.22m*2.44m and other sizes Color: red,yellow,blue,green,black,orange,white Applications: 1.Used as recycle case; 2.Used as isolating plate baffle plate; 3.Used as[...]


[Китай]10ft Offshore reefer container for Sale

Looking for Special refrigerated containers? Qingdao CIMC Special Reefer Co., Ltd. is a special reefer container manufacturer, operated as the subsidiary of China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd (CIMC), our core business is focused on manufacturing various refrigerated & insulated containers from 10ft to 53ft special containers, inclusive Standard shipping refrigerated containers, 10ft Offshore reefer containers, Military containers, Specialized reefers, Insulated containers, Cold[...]


[Китай]20ft Storage reefer container for Sale

20ft Storage Reefer Container for Sale, 1. The door can be opened inside and outside. 2. Inverted T shape floor with flat anti-slide surface outside,and with high strength. 3. Equipped with protect grid and buzzer & warning light at front. 4. Foaming system widely using Cyclopentane which is more environmental. 5. The container is not designed for transportation, the door lock bar is not strong enough. 6. Optional accessories:Door curtain, inside lamp, ramp and other specified parts. Please[...]


[Китай]45ft Pallet-wide reefer container for sale

45ft Palletwide Reefer with Meat Hanging System, 1. Designed for Euro pallets with marine Electric machine. 2. Multipurpose for standard reefers and for Meat transportation 3. Complying with EU Trailer Standard (A1371), improved front lift fitting protect reefer machine, and is secure while stacking. 4. Low tare weight, high strength and excellent insulation capacity 5. Capacity of 33 Euro pallets 6. Full intermodal operation. Please feel free to contact us as below, Sales- Aaron Yang,[...]


[Китай]25ft Reefer Swapbody for Sale

25ft Reefer Swapbody Container for Sale, 1. Complying with European Swapbdoy Standard CEN283 & 284. 2. Special base frame with four telescopic legs,easily for handling. 3. Front niche for installing the Unit & tank with removable front top rail. 4. T shape inversion floor rail, strong aluminum pallet guides mounted on the right and left side lining. 5. Front wall lining and rear door lining all with air-vents. 6. Each side lining equipped with one horizontal lashing rail and several[...]


[Польша]The silo gravel

The Silo use as gravel warehouse in the winter time by the community service. In the midst of the silo is special heating system installed that save the gravel from freezing. The weight of one product: 1440/kg net, capacity 5m3 The product material: Steel plates 552kg Steel sectional material 150x100x12 The silo is double douche paint. Inside is the Tectyl 506 protection use.[...]


[Польша]The itself out loading container

The weight of one product: 430/kg net, capacity 3,2m3 The product material: Steel plates 390kg Steel sectional material 100x100x4 – 20kg The container is double douche paint.[...]


[Китай]pillow tank

The pillow tanks are made by PVC or TPU coated fabric material, it can be used to store and transport the water or fuel and chemical liquid. It is a collapsible tank and can be folded when it is in empty. We can provide the LL,ML and HL type of pillow tanks. The LL is for non potable water,rain water and grey water. The ML iis for potable water. The HL is for fuel or oil. The capacity will be in 500L to 100000L.[...]