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LiftBalkans - Exhibition on Elevators and Escalators for South-East Europe Date: 5-7 April 2016 Frequency: Biennial Organizer: Via Expo Venue: IEC, Sofia, Bulgaria LiftBalkans is a timely support of the vertical industry in South-East Europe. Its aim is to speed up the well-needed modernization of the stock of old lifts in the Region by presenting the latest products and services. Only in Bulgaria 80 000 elevators have to be updated or replaced with new installations in the next years. Furthermore,[...]


[Польша]Platform Lift

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Savaria’s complete line of accessibility products. • V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift • Telecab Vanishing Residential Elevator • Multilift Residential Acme Screw Drive Vertical Platform Lift • ES-125 Stair Platform Lift • Step-Saver™ Stairway Chairlift • B.07 Stairway Chairlift (battery, 110VAC power, or commercial) • Stairfriend™ Curved Stairway Chairlift • Ultimo Residential or Commercial Elevator[...]


[Китай]eye safety hook

G80 chain components,used to lifting the load, one part of the chain sling or wire rope sling,with CE marks, passed EN1677 tests, and get the certification for this.Manufactured in China.best price with high quality[...]


[Китай]sell 16 ton tower crane7030 guheng construction machinery

guheng construction machinery It's max. Working range 70m, hoisting capacity 16t, guheng construction machinery max. Hoisting height 203m, The tower crane have fixed. Inner-climbing and rail-moved to meet the use of tall building construction[...]


[Китай]sell 6-12 ton tower crane7027 guheng construction machinery

6-12 ton tower crane7027 guheng construction machineryIt's max. Working range 70m, hoisting capacity 12-16t, 6-12 ton tower crane7027 guheng construction machinerymax. Hoisting height 203m, 6-12 ton tower crane7027 guheng construction machineryhave fixed type, inner-climbing type and rail-mounting type to fit for the tall building construction.[...]


[Китай]Bed lift

Astar-B type bed lift in our company adopts advanced VVVF inverter control technology and lowest noise module that make the elevator runs stably, which can let the doctors and patients arrive the destination unconsciously. These series lifts apply blurring logic and group control that reduce the waiting time. It embodies the spirit of healing the wounded and rescuing the dying in rapidly. The safety of bed lift is very important. For that, we use the advanced computer network control technology[...]


[Китай]Passenger Elevator

Elevator of environmental protection and energy saving ★ Saving more electricity for the world Aerospace Jinyang Gearless Elevator leads world trend and has more satisfying driving core than others. It brings higher driving efficiency at a much lower cost and tranquil operation environment without pollution…… ★ Permanent magnetic synchronous traction machine without speed reducing box adopts permanent rare earth magnetic materials as external rotor structure and synchronous motor driving,[...]


[Китай]Goods Lift

Hercules-H type of goods lift has different kinds of variety and specification whose structure is novel and particular, making is polish. It accords with latest craft standard and related stipulation and has many peculiarities, such as safety and credibility, stable for running, wearing well, which is the ideal goods transporting tool in construction. Adopted by VP and VVVF control system, its structure is simple that is easy to maintain and suitable for transporting person and goods. The use[...]


[Китай]Panoramic lift

Brief Introduction to the Panoramic Elevator Astar-G Type Aerospace Jinyang Panoramic Elevator -The final touch of a painting to modern buildings, perfectly integrated with artificial intelligence To be more stable, comfortable and harmonious -Permanent pursuit of Aerospace Jinyang staff Aesthetic design -Seamless combination of mechanical processing and architectural art Stable and quiet running environment To meet the requirements of sightseeing, the arrangements of the[...]


[Израиль]Used cranes

Cranes for sale. used , in good working condition. Mobile Hydraulic Telescopic Cranes: GROVE TM 800 1975 75 Ton Main Boom 34m' Swing Away 9 m' P&H T 750 1979 75 Ton Main Boom 31 M' Fly Jib 15 m' GROVE TM 475 45 Ton 1974 Main Boom 34 m' Swing Away 10 m' WARNER SWASEY 1970 45 Ton Main Boom 30 m' Fly Jib 8 m' BUCYRUS - ERIE 1975 35 Ton Main Boom 30,5 m' P& H T450 1982 50 Ton Main Boom 30 m' LATTICE BOOM CRANES DEMAG TC400 1971 Main Boom 54 m' Fly Jib18 m' DEMAG TC400[...]