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[Польша]Z 700

Our safes and metal cabinets are designed to provide secure storage for jewelry, guns, documents, precious metals and various valuables at an economical price. - Thicker hardplate - All locks available (key, mechanical, dial) - All colors available (according to RAL) - Certificates - IMP Class “A”, “B” and “C” (Institute of Precision Mechanics) - Jewel-Boxes and easy moving shelves Here’s 10 reasons why ZUGiL Safes are so good: 1.Heavy gauge solid steel construction 2.Interlocking[...]



HÅBECO series Euro 0, I, II, III safes have a superior protection against robbery and fire. Modern construction assures safety and is very esthetic. The models are well adapted to production, offices or flats. The Euro series are attested in accordance with EN 1143-1. Grade 0, I, II, III. Fire protection class 60P, 90P in accordance with NT Fire 017. This means that the Euro series special insert protect documents and valuables against fire for 60, 90 minutes. The safes can be equipped[...]



Day by day the conscious of system administrators, computer users and security staff is higher and higher. They all know how precious the information and data stored in computer memory, on video tapes and on other data media is. The value of stored data quickly rise above the costs of equipment. This is why you shall think about protection before you lose information. Many instructed by experience have suffered pain connected to loss of data caused by lack of appropriate protection (in the event[...]