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[Испания]Temporal Marker

Fluorescent marker with 360º multidirectional valve for topographical signage and temporary marking on different surfaces. Resistant to low temperatures. Very visible paint that easily permits the reading of signs, letters or numbers. Fluorescent colours of high luminosity. · Applications: For use in signage and temporary marking in fields as diverse as: Topographical Signage, Geological studies, Mining, Quarries, Construction, Public Works, Maintenance of motorways and roads, Public[...]


[Польша]Реактивный грунт 5+1+1

Двухкомпонентный реактивный грунт, не содержит хроматов, отличается очень хорошей адгезией к разным видам оснований. Применяется как типичный пенетрационный грунт, увеличивающий адгезию к очередным слоям. Характеризуется великолепной антикоррозийной устойчивостью, подходящий[...]


[Китай]CCA wood preservative

Wood preservative CCA - C is in the world today considered as the widely used water-soluble compound preservative with optimal performance and best effect.Because of its resistence to corrosion, termites, maggot it is widely used in industrial lumber and wooden products such as wooden pole, marine wood, wooden sleeper, cooling tower, wooden pile and other outdoor wooden products. CCA-C wood preservative is kind of claybank concentrated solution with strong anticorrosion ability. I can fix the wood[...]


[Китай]photoluminescent pigment

Our long-after glow photo-luminescent pigment can Emits light by absorption of various visible lights and can be repeatedly used. The products do not contain any radiating elements and can be evenly spread as an additive among the transparent agents such as coating, ink, paint, plastics, cereal, glass, fiber to activate the emitting functions of the agents. The pigment of the type takes on its natural color in bright places and emits different colors of lights in darkness. It can be used for emergent[...]


[Китай]Offer Iron Oxide Pigment

Yellow Iron Oxide is a unique natural mineral produced through beneficiation & fine grinding of our exclusive domestic ore body. Yellow Iron Oxide is light fast, chemically stable & color controlled within narrowly define parameters. This product may used in paint, wood stains enamel, varnish, cement colors, cement tile, terrazzo, and mosaics. oxide powder (yellow & red) YELLOW Oxide POWDER is a dye obtained from an impure earthy ore of iron. It comes in yellow & red in color.[...]


[Испания]Gold / Silver / Copper Spray Paint

270cc/200ml aerosol can 520cc/400ml aerosol can Colours: silver, gold and copper · Description: Acrylic paint of a convincing chromatic effect. · Applications: Suitable for use on wood, cardboard and thin cardboard. Useful for refurbishments and any kind of objects on which you wish to obtain a metallic effect. · Technical Characteristics: Spreading: 270cc can = 0,6 m2 520cc can = 1,2 m2 Surface dry 5 min., total 10 min. Repainted: after 5 minutes[...]


[Индия]Pigments for Paints, ink & Plastics Masterbatch

We Sparkem PIGMENTS are manufacturer exporter of Phthalocyanine Pigments from INDIA.We have verygodd exposure in International markiet for our Pigments in different Application like Paints, printing Inks, Plastics Masterbatch, Textile Emulssion,Rubber compounds,Pigment concentrates etc...[...]


[Китай]carved corner moulding

We Specialize in the production of decorative polyurethane cornice molding, chair rails,celling medallions,corbel,panel moulding,picture/mirror frame and other related trims. All products are manufactured to exacting detail utilizing high quality industry specified materials. Our polyurethane moldings are available in a number of standard and custom profiles and designs. Under the strictest quality controls ,our products possess the following characteristics: ◆Our products are “CFC FREE “[...]


[Испания]Acrylic Spray Paint

Description: Extra-quick drying RAL colours acrylic paint. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors Provides an excellent protection and a smooth uniform high gloss finish. It adheres perfectly on any kind of support: wood, metal, stone, paper, cardboard, and some plastics. · Applications: Ideal for painting of surfaces that require rapid drying for their operation. RAL standard colours. Suitable for coding of pipes, retouching or painting supports in industrial and nautical equipments, useful[...]


[Китай]Iron oxide brown

Chemical formula: Fe2O3 Usage: cement brick marble paint shipping paint magnetic paint spray paint rubber automobile gloves stationery plastic product ceramic enamel glass printing ink colour of ferric magnetism materials so on. Packing: bag / carton / drum / with pallets.[...]