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Слово: [Расширенный поиск]

Категория: Текстиль, одежда и мода -> Одежда, обувь -> Мужская обувь

Страна: Польша

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[Польша]Коллекция NORD XXL



[Польша]Коллекция ELITE

Самый новые модели были созданы для мужчины, который считается с современными направлениями моды, и одновременно уделяет внимание классической элегантности. Коллекция ELITĘ – это уникальное сочетание исключительно натуральных кож, модного итальянского дизайна и традиционного[...]


[Польша]Visiting footwear

Offered footwear is made from the high class of cattle skins produced in the Poland. The sole (also the Polish production) THE TR which has small weight and elasticity is made from the material what he influences the comfort of the use of footwear in the large degree and thanks to what they can be made soles about the small thickness. Pięta in the shoe as and the whole lining is made from the natural skin. The lining (also leather) he reaches as much as to fingers and not as in majority of even[...]


[Польша]manful footwear

We with the production of manful and youth footwear from natural leather. We exist on the market from 14 years. We are certain and checked contracting parties. We will consider every offer and order.[...]