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[Китай]Hand-Held Refractometer For Salinity

Hand-Held Refractometer For Salinity The RHS series are designed for testing the concentration of salt water and brine. Its triple scale provides a direct reading of the specific gravity and concentration (Parts per Thousand)of salt in water and The RHS-10 proves itself invaluable for agriculture、food processing and wildlife management. This instrument is equipped with Automatic Compensation making it ideal for field use. Product Specification[...]


[Китай]Hand Held Refractometer

Hand Held Refractometer The Hand Held Refractometers are specially designed for measuring the concentration of many kinds of solution listed as following: Juices、Beverages、Honey、 Salt water、Brine、Cleaning fluid、battery fluid、Antifreeze and Industrial fluids etc. And they can also test for the proportion of the water-soluble solution. They can be easily used and they are competitive in price. You only need to drop some water on the prism and then make it towards to the sunlight. Then[...]


[Китай]Compression Dead End Clamp

for dead end of various conductors including AAAC, ACSR, AAC etc.[...]


[Китай]Полиимидная липкая лента силиконовая KY6250(аналог П-ПМ)

Пленка липкая полиимидная с термореактивным адгезивом. Этот вид ленты изготовлен из полиимидного материала с термоустойчивым клеящим слоем кремнийорганического (силиконового) связующего. Материал демонстрирует превосходные электроизоляционные свойства, высокую термоустойчивость,[...]


[Китай]Пленкосинтокартон 515 Класс

F-DMD представляет собой рулонный гибкий трехслойный композиционный электроизоляционный 515 материал, состоящий из полиэтиллентереферталатной пленки, оклеенной с двух сторон полиэфирной бумагой. 70% пропитанный смолой(тоже называется DMD70) F-DMD обладает высокими диэлектрическими[...]


[Китай]Temperature controller

High quality and best price,welcome to send your inquiry Main technical data: 1) Dimensions: 120mm x 120mm x 18mm 2) Self power consumption: <3W 3) Measuring accuracy of temperature: ±2°C 4) Temperature range of measurement: 0~99°C 5) Power of temperature difference controlled circulation pump: ≤600W (p1) 6) Power of time controlled circulation pump: ≤600W (p2) 7) Power of auxiliary electrical booster: ≤2,000W (standard collocation), ≤3,000W (not standard, selection[...]


[Китай]sell quad band TV mobile phone

Want to sell 2.6 inch Quad-band TV mobile phone,TV Recorder,Buletooth,FM radio,Dual camera,Shake to Change Song & Wallpaper,Can use nokia batteries and charger,Shake function! Display: 2.6 Inch QVGA screen ( 320*240 Pixels)       Dimensions: 111*48*13.5mm USD55.50       Frequency : GSM 850/900/1800/1900       Net weight: 115g (with battery)       Camera: 1.3 Mega pixel digital camera       L-ion battery: 1800 mAh    [...]


[Китай]Sticky mat

SSM0712 Sticky Mat Each mat is composed of multiple layers of polyethylene films coated with custom high-tack adhesive laminated together into a stack. It utilizes a water-based acrylic adhesive, which has a pH of 7-8 and doesn't contain benzoic acid. Certified by RoHS to be free from heavy metals and hazardous chemicals. Standard Sizes 18"*36“, 18"*45" , 24“*36”, 26"*45" Colors available Blue, white and so on[...]


[Китай]Waterproof Swtich

Material: PP voltage and current: AC250V 10-16A With waterproof IP 54[...]


[Китай]Distribution box

Floor Standing Industrial Enclosure: 1) Monobloc floor standing enclosures made of AISI 304 stainless steel back with reinforcing U profile on inner side in models of 1, 000 and 1, 200mm width. Polished finish 2) Enclosure especially suitable for highly corrosive environments or for places where a special hygiene is needed 3) Mounting plate or equipment support is depth adjustable 4) Reinforcing frame on inner side of door with holes for equipment fixing 5) Enclosure bottom reversibility,[...]