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[Китай]ceramic fibre and soluble fibre

DatongEagles produces a full of refractory fibre wool ,each of which offers its own unique combination of properties.Withthese bulk wool for further productions ,blanket,board,paper and bond,vacuum formed products and textiles can be made. Solublr fibre is also called alkaline earth silicate fibre made from raw materials such as silicate ,calcium and magnesium with special producing technology .[...]


[Китай]Ceramic fibre blanket

Datong Eagles ceramic fibre blanket is manufactured from pure raw materials and processed by spinning fibre and double -side technique to enhance its strength and surface integrity and blanket products do not contain organic binders.[...]


[Китай]Ceramic fibre board

Eagles board is produced by spun or blown fibre and vacuum formed process technique with proprietary organic and inorganic binders to form an intergrity variety of thickness board product.[...]


[Польша]Boiler ATMOS DC 22S - 15-22 kW

Boiler ATMOS DC 22S - 15-22 kW[...]


[Польша]FAKORA MOC KZ-3 - 32,6kW

FAKORA MOC KZ-3 - 32,6kW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![...]


[Нидерланды]Stock of 4000 steel panel radiators for heating

100% new radiators : 2000 pcs Biasi concept 20 euro /piece 1000 pcs Stelrad Henrad Radiators 16.50 Euro /piece 800 pcs bathroomradiator (prisma=italian)/ towelwarmer White 37.50 Euro /pc All products are original packed and loaded on pallets. List with types sizes available in excell spreadsheet. Prices all ex VAT and ExWorks Holland Call or email for further information![...]


[Китай]Aluminum foil coated fiberglass cloth

Aluminum foil coated fiberglass cloth are manufactured by applying advanced compound processing and using fiberglass as the base cloth and special fire-resistant adhesive agent. Our product has excellent properties such as smooth surface on the aluminum foil, strong light reflection, good stretching resistance in length and breadth, non-breath ability, non-breath ability, non-water permeability, good hermetic and weather resistance Aluminum-foil coated fiberglass cloth is mainly used as the[...]


[Нидерланды]new european steel panel radiators in big stocks

we offer big stocks of steel panel radiators for central heating of different brands such as: Radson, Dianorm, Purmo, Stelrad, Henrad, Korado, Delonghi, Biasi,Vogel&Noot,Veha etc etc. In average we have 8000 pcs in stock. All radiators are 100 % new and sold in mixed stocks from 300 pieces up to 5000 pieces per brand for very low prices. We only sell in mixed stocks per brand (so not only type22!!) all types and sizes mixed. Please contact us for more information. You are welcome[...]


[Китай]aluminum foil tape

Aluminum Foil Tape Aluminum Foil Tapes with Solvent Acrylic Adhesive Thermal Insulation Tapes Description Backing Adhesive Thickness Micron Adhesion N/25mm Tensile N/25mm Elongation % Service Temp. °C AF-1825 Foil: 18u / Solvent Acrylic Adhesive / Silicone Release Paper Foil 18u Solvent Acrylic 55 18 35 3 -30 ~ +`120 AF-2225 Foil: 22u / Solvent Acrylic Adhesive / Silicone Release Paper Foil 22u Solvent Acrylic 60 20 40 3 -30 ~ +`120 AF-2525 Foil: 25u / Solvent Acrylic Adhesive / Silicone[...]


[Польша]Pump programmer with "anti-stop" - SP100+

Pump programmer with "anti-stop"[...]