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[Китай]Nylon Wall Plug

We supply various models of Nylon Wall Plug with good quality and competitive price. The sizes range from 4x20mm to 16x80mm. For more details please visit our website or contact us directly.[...]



We supply various models of anchors with good quality and competitive prices. The anchors include nylon window anchor, nylon hammer drive anchor, nylon nail anchor, plastic toggle anchor, nylon easy drive anchor, PE hollow wall plug, nylon universal plug, nylon frame anchor, nylon wall plug, ceiling anchor, etc. If any of our products be of interest to you, please don´ t hesitate to contact us to get more details.[...]


[Китай]Ceiling Anchor

Size: 6x35, 6x65 Head Diameter: 14.8mm Drill Diameter: 6mm Load: 390Kgs Finish: yellow zinc plated, white zinc plated (Cr3 & Cr6) For more details please contact us directly.[...]


[Китай]Various valves and pipe fittings

We can supply various valves and fipe fittings which are widely used in the buildings.[...]


[Китай]PVC Check Valve

Valve Type: Check Valve Material: PVC Standard: DIN, ANSI, JIS Size: 15mm-200mm Pressure: 1.0MPa Smaller size(15mm-40mm) can be used vertically only. Larger ones(50mm-150mm) can be used both vertically and horizontally.[...]


[Китай]PVC Footvalve

Valve Type: PVC Foot Valve Material: PVC Standard: DIN, ANSI, JIS Size: 15mm-200mm[...]


[Китай]fiberglass okoto

Appliction: Цимент, пластмасови, асфалт, мрамор, покрив, вътре и др ohutside стена Особености: Висока strenth, отлично алкални & киселина съпротива, силно сцепление със смола, лесно dissolutionin styrence, с началото скованост на ставите, широко използвана като сигурност, укрепването материал. Spec:[...]


[Китай]Sell Thread-end butterfley valve

Thread-end butterfley valve Technical: Size: 2" 3" 4" 6" Nominal Pressure: PN10/PN16 Shell Test Pressure: PN15/PN24 Seal Test Pressure: PN11/PN17.6 Working Temperature: -10deg C~80deg C Suitable Medium: Oil Gas Wate Sewage Standard: The connection of the screw thread can be machined according to users demand[...]


[Китай]Sell Grooved-end butterfly valve

Grooved-end butterfly valve Technical: Size: DN65-DN300 Nominal Pressure: PN10/PN16 Shell Test Pressure: PN11/PN17.6 Seal Test Pressure: PN15/PN24 Working Temperature: -15deg C~135deg C Suitable Medium: Oil, Gas, Water Standard: The Connecting dimention of grooved-endlisted in table is according to ANSI/AWWA C606 standard[...]


[Китай]DIN Safety Valves (900 Series)

900 series DIN safety valves Full bore type D/G(Vapour/Gas) Standard type F(Liquid) 900 series DIN standard safety valves are mainly applied for such mediums as petroleum & natural gas, chemistry, electric, metallury & burning gas. As the super-pressure protection equipment, with precision of action, good recycling function, it can be turned back fast to seat and maintain convenience.[...]