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[Китай]Air Cooler

1.European appearance; With remote control 2. 3 options of wind mode & speed 3.Ice king & coolant design (cooling by natural evaperation); Purifying function by Anion-generating. 4.With both cooling & heating function 5.Humidification effect; Low noise Approvals and certificates: CE/LVD, CE/EMC,SASO[...]


[Гонконг]Evaporative air cooler

Making use of evaporative of water to decline the temperature is applied widely in our common life, and we feel cool when we're standing by the seaside, as wind passing by the water on our skin. The reason is that the process of evaporation absorbs the heat of air, and declines the temperature. The principle of environmental and save-energy air conditioner of "Keruilai" is making use of this kind of natural phenomenon, and combining high-tech and the technology of refrigeration by direct[...]


[Китай]Brass Flare Nut

The brass nut be using for the refrigeration and air conditioning system connection. The sizes be included 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8” For more details please contact with us.[...]


[Италия]Digital manifold gauges

Digital manifold gauges for all type of refrigerants[...]


[Китай]high temperature ground source heat pump

Siemens controller Hitachi compressor Heating and producing domestic hot water Can make Max 70 degree hot water Heat pump Type GSWW8/H GSWW10/H Dimensions,weights,connection dimensions Dimensions HxWxD 960x600X600 Weight kg 110 120 Refrigerant Type R134a Filling weight kg 2 2.3 Permissible operating pressure Mpa 3 3 Pipe connector-hot side Inch G1” G1” Pipe connector-cold side Inch G1” G1” Evaporator Type Brazed plate heat exchanger Condenser Type Brazed plate heat[...]


[Китай]high temperature heat pump with EVI

Siemens controller Hitachi enhanced vapour injection compressor Interal hot water pump and electric heater Galvanized sheet or stainless steel cabinet Make 65 degree celsius hot water under chilling weather condition Especially Suitable for old house with radiator heating system . AIR TO WATER HEAT PUMP AW12/H AW13/H Heat output/Power consumption at 7/35℃ kW 11.5/3.0 13.0/3.3 Heat output/Power consumption at 7/45℃ kW 11.2/3.6 12.5/3.9 Heat output/Power consumption at 7/65℃ kW[...]


[Китай]R410A air source heat pump

This model use more environment-friendly gas --R410A fuction: 1. cooling 2. heating 3. producing domestic hot water Main parts: Siemens controller scroll compressor plate heat exchanger galvanized sheet cabinet stainless steel cabinet is optional vareid heat curve with all protection like HP, LP, short of water flow , auto-defrosting, anti-freezing, etc Technical data: AIR TO WATER HEAT PUMP WITH COOLING AW09B AW12B AW10B AW13B AW15B Heat output/Power consumption[...]


[Италия]PVC trunking

wide range of pvc trunking and accessories used for air conditioning systems.[...]


[Италия]Wall brackets

Wide range of wall brackets used for support external unit fo air conditioner. Total weight kg. 140.[...]


[Китай]Fan guard grille

OEM making various fan guard grills, can do powder coating and plating finish in our facilities.[...]