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[Польша]Creative postcard Paper

This new product is sold in packets of five A4 sheets. On the back of each of the cards is the pre-printed postal format and on the other side, glossy photo paper. The end user can thus make completely original postcards by printing photos of holidays, family, events, etc. • Packet of 5 sheets. (I.e. 20 postcards) • Format A4. • 4 ready cut photos per A4 sheet. • Glossy inkjet paper, coated on 1 side. • Very good resolution: 1440 DPI[...]



[Польша]T-shirt Transfer

This paper is an addition to the new digital hobby 2003 range. It allows you to transfer printed motifs, drawings, photos, etc. onto light-coloured cotton clothing or accessories, such as a tee-shirt, a banner, a cloth bag or a cap. • 5 printing sheets, A4 format, 140g with one side covered with protective film. • 1 branding sheet to transfer the motif onto the material.[...]



[Польша]Coated Mi-teintes Art Paper

Colour inkjet fine art paper. Single-coated “honeycomb” textured Mi-Teintes® paper. Exceptional rendering of colours. For making brochures and greeting cards or for personalising letters and invitations…For all colour inkjet printers.[...]



[Польша]Sandblasting vinyl Hard 0.40

New sand blasting foil with great parameters. It has characteristisc high elasticity and gives good comfort and effectiveness. This foil doesn't require to use special knifes in plotter. Great strenghtness parameters wich allows to use deep sand blasting. It also has great glue base. Technical parameters: -- Lenght [m] 25 -- Width [mm] 610 -- Thickness [mm] 0.40 -- Color [-] Grey[...]


[Польша]Oдноразовые картриджи Zaro для принтерa HP Designjet Z6200

Oдноразовые картриджи Zaro для принтерa HP Designjet Z6200[...]


[Польша]Printing-Labels-Self-adhesive-3D-Stickers-instrument panels-aluminium

We are market leaders in Scandinavia and Poland in the production and development of 3D treatment, with two component polyurethane of logos, name plates and control panels. 3D treatment is an effective mean to enhance your company name and logo. 3D from us is produced by robots on computer controlled production lines resulting in a uniform finish to a consistent high quality. 3D products are self-adhesive allowing them to be permanently mouted onto a variety of surfaces, including metal, plastics,[...]