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[Япония]Damper Cover

Computer controlled machinery using revolutionary procedures ensures high quality manufacturing and guaranteed consistency. Our damper cover is produced from the finest yarns and utilising a random loop pile with controlled shrinkable base material. Shrink Fit: Our damper cover with its unique shrink yarn grips the circumference of the roller to eliminate troublesome twisting whilst on press. Easy Clean: Ink is easily dispersed from the cover when washing either by hand or machine[...]


[Япония]Offset Blanket, Printing Blanket

OHDEN Pegasus offset blankets are manufactured 100% in Japan under OEM base by our affiliated sister group. We cover and supply the following range of top quality Japan-made offset blankets. Spec. & Packing Length of each one roll: 27m We are also able to supply as sheets with bars. For sheet-fed offset presses: Model PB-400 4-ply 1.95 nominal thickness For sheet-fed presses: Model PB-300 3-ply 1.95 nominal thickness For sheet-fed[...]


[Япония]Electrostatic Offset Master Paper Plate

WET & DRY TONER ELECTROSTATIC MASTERS Printability more than 5000-7000 impressions Available any sizes on request Ohden has a complete range of electrostatic Master Paper suitable to all leading platemakers Supplied in sheets and rolls for all platemakers such as Elefax / Itek / AB Dick / Ricoh / Fuji /Mitsubishi / Eskofot / Gestetner / AM /, Toko Absolutely made in Japan, The Very Best Quality Try contact us, if you look for something special or have ideas. Check out our website[...]