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[Taйвань]Uplux 405 CTcP Plate

High UV sensitive emulsion Unlike traditional PS plate; our UPLUX 405 has adapted high UV sensitive emulsion. You will be able to have a clear image on the plate. Outstanding chemicals resistance, durability and wide latitude Strong chemicals established UPLUX 405’s advantages of high impression and durability. The impression of UPLUX 405’s could go up to 150,000 runs unbaked and 1,000,000 after baked. Consistent quality, solid reliability and wide latitude. UPLUX 405 could be use in[...]


[Taйвань]Artyong Thermal CTP Plate

The MAXMA ARTYONG Thermal CTP Plate, who is carried up from years of experiences and trained upon matured technologies, provides quality consistency of the world’s class. ARTYONG works easily and reliably at wide operation latitude in imaging and processing. ARTYONG also runs an outstanding performance in the pressroom where it transforms dots enormously from digital to tangible. Most important of all, due to the nature of his matured characteristics, he roams in compliance with the most popular[...]


[Taйвань]EPSON Compatible Printer Ink Cartridge (Color Ink)

Inkjet Advantage 1. Cost down of ink ( cheaper than EPSON original ) 2. Cost down of proofing paper (available output to uncoated paper) 3. Installation simply, plug and play. 4. Accurate color proofing 5. Profession color management (providing customized ICC curve according to different material required) 6. Three months warranty with used printer, 1 year warranty for new printer. Feature characteristic 1. Multi-application 2. High[...]


[Taйвань]Nano Inkjet Canvas for Giclee Printing and Fine Art Poster

The fabric surface is waterproof in matte finish with many different textured surfaces which makes this media an excellent choice for Giclee printing, fine art poster, portable display marketing, graphic display for trade show and many more. They are all single side printing, compatible with most color inkjet printers and plotters in the market today.[...]


[Taйвань]Nano Inkjet Canvas

New Nanotechnology coatings in many different textured surfaces ideal for giclee printing, fine art poster, graphic displays and many more.[...]