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[Китай]Candy Packing Machine,FWM800

FWM800 Horizontal Packaging Machine, Candy Packaging 1.High speed quality package, up to 800 packs/min; 2.Multi-functional; 3. High quality, CE Certificated; 4. It can pack hard candy, milk candy, ball chocolate; Main performance and construction characteristic 1.Suitable for all kinds of hard candy & ball chocolate, including rectangle, Square , oval , round and so on . No need to change any spare parts just candy feeding plate only. 2.It adopts positive & negative supper[...]


[Китай]Flow Wrap Machine, FWL280

FWL280 Flow Pack Machine 1.High speed quality package; 2.Multi-functional; 3. High quality, CE Certified; 4. It can pack biscuit, chocolate, bread, Cake, Cookie, Candy etc; Main Performance and Construction Characteristics: 1. Advanced Double Frequency Control Technology 2. Streamlined Transmission Device,Low Noise, Easy Maintain 3. LCD,intuitive and easy to operate 4. CVT(Continuously Variable Transmission) 5. Both bag length and speed are controlled by Frequency Converter 6. Bag Length[...]


[Китай]Lollipop Packing Machine, SWP150

SWP150 Lollipop Packaging Machine 1.High speed quality package, Speed :up to150 Packs/Min; 2.Multi-functional; 3.High quality, CE Certified; 4.It can pack lollipop etc; Main performance and construction characteristic 1.Automatic arrangement , reduce manual . 2. Super big feeding plate , low empty bag . 3. Stable operation , operation and maintenance easy. 4. It adopts micro-computer control , color mark automatic tracking . Product Application: Lollipop; Technical parameter[...]


[Китай]Chocolate Packaging Machine,DWC300

DWC300 Chocolate Packaging Machine 1. Speed: up to 300 Packs/Min; 2. High Quality, CE certified; 3. Photocell tracking, LCD touch screen and PLC control . Easy to operate. 4. The structure of the machine is logical and performance is stable and easy to operate. 5. Application: Chocolate Bar. Main performance and construction characteristic 1.Chocolate and candy which are unfit for automating arrangement were fed by conveyor belt then to be pushed into feeding plate by mechanical to pack[...]



TNC Automatic Pillow Type Flow Wrapping Machine with Film Inverted Feeding This is an inverted version of a horizontal wrapper with reel holders below machine body. TNC works with film invert feeding. Application: A wide range of applications such as: multi-piece packing, i.e. sausage, instant noodle, soaps, hardware and so on. Features: 1. Compact design and easy operation. 2. Automatic on-site stop. 3. Digitally indicating the size of the film, speed of wrapping, turnout and[...]


[Китай]TNW Flow Packing Machine without tray

Application: A wide range of applications such as biscuits on edge, chocolates, soaps, and snow biscuits in multi-pieces without pallets. Features: 1. Save pallets, prevent pollution and lower cost. 2. Roll film, automatically filling, sealing, and cutting. 3. PLC based control system reliable and stable, low maintenance 4. Speed control via A.C. invertors.. 5. Photoelectric cell and dual tracking without mechanical contact. Packaging film Roll Max Width in mm 450 Product Measurements[...]


[Китай]Servo power-save injection molding machine

SE series(SE90~SE3800) servo energy saving injection moulding machines.Pllication high performance servo motor and internal gear pumps to composea close loop servo dynamical control system, with high precision control and sensitivity, running in low noise, energy economical and environmental protection. Energy saving can reach 20%~80%.[...]


[Taйвань]Automatic Off Line Automatic Folder Gluer For Corrugated Carton

Automatic Off Line Automatic Folder Gluer For Corrugated Carton Model: FG-1226 Brand: Tsai Yi Speed : Up to 150 sheets/min (Depending on sheet material, size and quality) Max. Sheet Size: 1200 x 2600 mm Min. Sheet Size : 310x1000 mm Max Speed: 180 Sheets/Min Economic Speed: 120 Sheets/Min Min Carton Size: 250MM[...]


[Taйвань]High-speed U.V. Spot and Overall Coating Machine

High-speed U.V. Spot and Overall Coating Machine Model: HS-104 Brand: Tsai Yi Max. Sheet Size: 730mm×1040mm Min. Sheet Size: 310mm×406mm Max. Coating Area: 720mm×1030mm Sheet Thickness: 80~600gsm Max. Coating Speed: Up to 6600 sheets/hour (Depending on sheet weight, size and quality) Power Required: 42.8Kw Dimension (L×W×H): 10846 mm×2000mm×2010mm Weight: 8700 Kgs Standard equipments: 1. Auto stream feeder. 2. 2-Roller and 2-cylinder system U.V coater. 3. U.V 3-lamps[...]


[Taйвань]Automatic OPP Film Laminating Machine For Water Base to sell

Automatic OPP Film Laminating Machine For Water Base to sell Model: ZAP-126 Brand: Tsai Yi Max. Laminating width: 1200mm Max. Sheet Size : 790mm×1200mm Min. Sheet Size : 310mm×406mm Paper Thickness : 80~600gsm Bopp Thickness : 12~25μ Power Required : 108.6Kw (without delivery unit)/110Kw (with delivery unit) Laminating Speed : 7~35m/min Dimension (L×W×H) : 7060mm (without delivery unit) ×2540mm×3300mm8460mm (with delivery unit) ×2540mm×3300mm Total Weight: 6470kgs(without[...]