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[Словакия]PP Strapping

All kinds of PP Strapping to fix the goods on pallets. Machine Grade and also hand grade for lower price. Sizes from 5mm x 0.35mm to 16mm x 0.90mm. Colors: standard Black and White other colors for request Printing on the strap: per requested[...]


[Словакия]PET strapping

PET Srapping Sizes: from 12mm x 0.50mm to 19mm x 1.1mm Standard color: Green Various coils diameter.[...]


[Словакия]PES Strapping

PES Strapping Polyester Textile Strapping Sizes: 9mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm Standard color: white Printing: according to requested Breaking strenght from 280kg to 1050kg (for standard) PES strapping is used to fix heavy loads. Also we are selling full range on paper coils with low diameter which are used specially for bale presses.[...]