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[Индия]Industrial oxygen equipment

We Bharattanks dot net, oxygengastank dot com are manufacturer and supplier of oxygen gas tanks, lpg gas tanks, nitrogen gas tank, hydrogen gas tanks, carbon dioxide gas tanks, propane gas tanks, ammonia gas tanks, chlorine gas tanks, sulphur dioxide gas tanks, propylene gas tanks, ethylene gas tanks, ethanol gas tank, ethylene oxide gas tanks, CNG gas tanks, argon gas tanks, oil tanks, gas tanks, Surge vessels , argon, gas Pressure Vessels & Pressure Equipments, lpg semitrailer transport tank[...]


[Индия]Blister pack

We manufacture, since 1978, thermoforming packaging. Our package type include Blister packs (sealing and slip on type), clamshell packs and trays. We can make our packs in PVC, PET, HIPS and other thermoformabe materials. The packs are made as per customer' product specifications. Our packaging is used in many such companies - Pharmaceuticals, Medicals, Cosmetics, Lighting, Electronic, Entertainment products, Foods, Snacks, Perfumes, Stationeries and others. We accept orders with any quantities,[...]


[Индия]Pharmaceutical Packaging

We manufacture special packaging materials for pharmaceutical and medical products. Our packages include blister packs, trays, and clamshells. The packages are made as per customer's specifications, and we also have a large range of standard packaging for ampoules, vials and combinations like - ampoule + vial, ampoule + vial + syringe etc. We have a complete range of standard trays for packing ampoules. You can have trays for ampoules from 1 ml to 20 ml, and each tray can pack from a single[...]