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Hot stamping transfer film will produce a variety of finishes on a wide selection of materials and is the only dry process where bright gold and silver metallic finishes can be produced. In addition, matt and gloss pigment colors, wood-grains, brushed effects and multicolor graphics can be applied. Besides, plastic materials, where the emphasis is on thermoplastics, thermostats, wood, book cloth, leather, textiles, and pre-painted metals can be decorated by heat transfer press. Samples with customers'[...]


[Taйвань]Flexible pouch, resealable flexible pouch, standup pouch

We provide packaging materials for frozen food, flexible pouch, standup pouch & resealable flexible pouch for snack food. we also can make the bags for CD titles during the computer company or internet company who want promote their business in the market that can save a lot of cost than use the old style plastic case.[...]


[Taйвань]PP/PE woven bag, jute, jumbo, cement bags

Vedder Ind. Company is a professional packaging service company of PP/PE woven bags in Taiwan for many years. We cam support PP/PE woven bag, jute bag, jumbo bag, cement bag, and other packaging sacks. 1. PP/PE woven bag For packing flour, sugar, salt, sand, fertilizers, animal feeds, and others Width: Size from 45 to 110cm Length: As per buyers' requests Weave:8 x 8 to 15 x 15 Denier:700d to 1500d Top: Heat-cut and hemmed Bottom: Single fold and double fold Printing: One side[...]


[Taйвань]TAIWAN BOPP Film & Corona, Heat Sealable, Matt, Garment BOPP Film

BOPP Film (Bi-axially Oriented PolyPropylene) - Printed Film Model: A-Plus BOPP Film - BOPP-P02 Specification: 1. Material: PP 2. Thickness: 12 to 50 microns 3. Length: 3000 ~ 8000m 4. Width: 300~ 2000mm 5. Packaging: 3 or 6 inches of core. 6. Treatment: Corona or flame, one or both sides of BOPP Film. 7. Place of Origin: Made in Taiwan. ** Custom-made (Tailor-made) of BOPP is acceptable.** Application: 1. Printing & Lamination 2. Pressure Sensitive[...]