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[Китай]Tape waving

1.style/color/size can be chosen by cumstomes. 2.Good quality and low price[...]


[Китай]elastic tape

1.style/color/size can be chosen by customers 2.OEM welcomed 3.Good quality and low price[...]


[Китай]Leather button

Item No: PK2246ZP-03 Size: from 21L to 60L Color: all colors available Many different sizes/shapes and colors for your free option. Reliable quality and favourable price to ensure you the best market sales. Welcome to contact us for more. Best regards, Bicy[...]



АМЕРИКАНСКОЕ ВЫСОКОЕ КАЧЕСТВО ИСПОЛЬЗОВАЛО ОДЕЖДЫ НАЧАЛА США нагрузками контейнера ботинки, обмылки тканья, драпирование и используемая мебель. MIN. Количество заказа: 20 кубических футов контейнера 23.000 фунтов Цена FOB USD 0.50~1.30/фунт согласно спискам цен на товары Контакт: usedclothes@peterpalms.com[...]



AMERIKANISCHE QUALITÄT BENUTZTE KLEIDUNG VON USA-URSPRUNG durch Behälterlasten Schuhe, Textilreste, Polsterung und benutzte Möbel. Min. Auftrags-Quantität: 20 Kubikfuß Behälter-23.000 Pfund Fob-Preis USD 0.50~1.30/lbs entsprechend Preislisten Kontakt: usedclothes@peterpalms.com Von unserem 100.000 Quadratfuß Herstellungslagerraum können wir Sie jeden Monat zur Verfügung stellen -- zu sehr konkurrenzfähigen Preisen -- mit den bis 8 x 40 ft-Behältern Qualitätssommer- und -winterkleidung,[...]


[США]Used Clothes

AMERICAN HIGH QUALITY USED CLOTHES OF USA ORIGIN by container loads shoes, textile remnants, upholstery and used furniture. Min. Order Quantity: 20 Cubic Feet Container 23,000 pounds FOB Price USD 0.50~1.30 / Pound according to price lists. From our 100,000 square feet of manufacturing warehouse space we can supply you each month -- at very competitive prices -- with up to 8 X 40 ft containers of high quality summer and winter clothes, including work clothes and shoes for men, women or[...]


[Taйвань]Body-Weight Moldable Custom Orthotic Insole

Body-Weight Moldable Custom Insole fits the unique contours of your feet for maximum comfort while standing, walking or running. Features & Benefits of Body-Weight Moldable Custom Insole: 1. Optional antibacterial top fabric maintains a healthy foot environment. 2. Body-weight sensitive moldable foam conforms to the shape of your feet, providing support and alignment personalized for your unique feet. 3. Cushioning arch and metatarsal support lifts your arch for proper foot position and[...]


[Турция]Biancheria bagno, Tappeto bagno, Biancheria da cabina

Ozra Tekstil San Tic ltd Sti Biancheria bagno, Tappeto bagno, Biancheria da cabina, Spugna 100% puro cotone Origine : TURCHIA Possibilita ricamo: SI Lavabile in lavatrice a 40 C Peso: 360 - 500 gr/m2 guanti da bagno 16 x 21 cm Teli da bagno 100 x 150 cm Asciugamani e viso 70 x 125 cm Asciugamano medio 50 x 90 cm Panno da bagno piccolo 30 x 30 cm[...]


[Турция]Fitted Bed Sheets, Stretch Terry Bed Sheets, Jersey Bed Sheets

Ozra Tekstil San Tic Ltd Sti, Turkey Fitted Bed Sheets, Stretch Terry Bed Sheets, Jersey Bed Sheets, These wonderfully soft Terry loop sheets are a dream buy for comfortable nights and every bit as gentle on your pocket. They wash at 40 degrees, the temperature that eliminates dust mites, so they're ideal for allergy sufferers. Features: - Soft cotton loops for comfort - Fully elasticated hem to ensure a snug, smooth fit - Cotton/Polyester Mix - Machine Washable [...]


[Турция]Coral fleece Badjassen

Ozra Textile Company Ltd - Badjassen heren, Badjas Kind, Badjassen dames, Kinderbadjassen, - Badjassen en kimono's, Badjassen fleece, Badjassen Katoen, - Badjassen sauna, Sauna Badjas, Velours Badjassen, Luxe Badjas Velours, - Badjassen borduren, Badjassen met capuchon, Badjassen met naam, - Badjassen handdoeken, Washandje, strandlaken, Baddoeken, Douchelaken, Badgerief, - Badlaken, Hamamdoeken, Hammamdoeken, Handdoeken, Saunalaken, Gastendoekje, - Promotietextiel, promotioneel badlinnen,[...]