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[Гонконг]Ric Rac

100% Polyester durable for washing. Size: small, medium, big 50 colors of stock is available[...]


[Южная Корея]Re fabric

Dear sir, we are exporter of the following fabric in korea and china. -polyester -ity single span -velvet fabric -spandex -cotton -micro suede -blended fabric pls contact us if you are interested in our fabric. thanks n b/rgds w.h.lee[...]


[Южная Корея]Blanket, acrylic blanket, mink blanket, acrylic mink blanket

soft touch and noble design.... Pile : 100% acrylic high bulky sun yarn with special treatment Ground : 100% polyester yarn Ratio : Acrylic 85%, Ground 15% various items item net w't q'ty/40ft HQ packing two ply blankets Dulex Super King 8.20kg 786pcs zipper bag Dulex Dimaond King 7.00kg 840pcs zipper bag Dulex King 6.40kg 912pcs zipper bag Dulex Queen 5.80kg 1,000pcs zipper bag item net w't q'ty/40ft[...]


[Южная Корея]Re stock of ity single span

Dear sirs, we are selling stock of ITY single span 58/60" black 50,000yds made in korea. pls contact us if you are interested in our stock fabric. thanks n b/rgds w.h.lee[...]



ritex is a durable & excellent elasticity recovery fiber made by special polymer & draw –textured yarn technology, combined with special weaving & finishing technology. the fabrics will express excellent elasticity. applications: . sport wears, rhythm wears, casual wears, suit. . lining for high class garments. . moss and suede fabrics by combining with microfibers. specification of ritex yarn : 50d. 75d. 100d. 150d. note: 1/ if the denier is more higher and its[...]


[Taйвань]Wool-Like Yarn

The materials of Milpa series all are polyester100% or polyester & nylon. Its characteristic is soft wool-like yarn. Denier is from 135D~540D. Product usage: suit, uniform, coat. 190D/120F Polyester100% is the symbol of Milpa series. It can be made of elegant suit for men and women.[...]


[Taйвань]Slub Yarn

The materials of slub yarn series are all polyester 100%. Slub has long or short, thick or thin, shining or full dull. Its characteristic is linen-like yarn. Denier is from 140D~540D. Product usage: curtain, slipcover, fashionable fabric. 540D/108F CD27%P73% is the symbol of slub series. It can be made of curtain, slipcover, fashionable fabric for men and women.[...]


[Taйвань]Crave yarn

The materials of crave yarn series are all polyester100%. Denier is from 90D~320D. "crave yarn" displays natural slub effect and embossment appearance. Its characteristic is soft touch- feeling and excellent draping property. "crave yarn" can be designed in weaving and knitting. In weaving, it needs to be twisted middle TPM or high TPM to emerge the slub effect. In knitting, jersey or jacquard can present embossment appearance. It is applied to suit, pajamas, curtain,[...]


[Китай]compressed towel

The compressed Towel made from 100% cotton are sanitary and reliable after heat sterilization and strict quality control. they can be compressed into some shapes such as round, global, heart, square, rectangle, ship or other shapes. they can spread into new fresh Towel when being put into water for about 30 seconds, and are used and taken with you easily and conveniently. Additionally, colorful printing can be made as per your favor and request in package, which are novel design and fashionable pattern.[...]


[Гонконг]String/Tassel/Shoes Laces

* Specialized in manufacturing round/flattened/elastic/braid strings. * Can make plastic and metal tip end. * Knitting string with pattern, silk screen. * Can use differnt Cotton, nylon, PP, Polyester, Synthetic silk or mixed materials. * Suitable for shoe lace, swimming wear, garment/fasion accessories, .... etc.[...]