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Sell Liquid for washing dishes [Poland]
Sell Windscreen cleaner [Poland]
Sell Liquid for cleaning grills, fireplaces, ovens [Poland]
Sell Washing up concentrate [Poland]
Sell Parquet [Poland]
Sell R-Propylene carbonate,(R)-(+)-Propylene carbonate,16606-55-6 [China]
Sell Tetrahydrofuran [China]
Sell Crotonic acid [China]
Sell Poly(allylamine) [China]

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cheap sell Burberry Handbags CA bags chanel bags LV bags and so on
cheap sell Burberry Handbags CA bags chanel bags LV bags and so on
Stop-Ptak 101
Stop-Ptak 101

UV Stabiliser (T-UV-12PP)
UV Stabiliser (T-UV-12PP)
Mosaic Pebbles – Tiles Panu
Mosaic Pebbles – Tiles Panu

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Zhenjiang Basic Labware Import and Export Co., Ltd. Zhenjiang Basic Labware Import and Export Co., Ltd is a trading company and has 14 years experiences in international trading from 1993. We have been one of the members of Zhenjiang Foreign Trade Group Corporation owned by China state till 2002. With the reforming of private ownership in China we are growing up as a private company leagued with and agent of many local factories including labware factories, laboratory equipment factories, medical equipments factory, optical instruments factory[...]


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