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O.Y.L. Technology SDN BHD

[Maлайзия]Avantis A9 LCD Smart Alarm System

Introduction to Avantis A9 Avantis is a name speaks for it self of an advance yet comprehensive Smart Home system. OYL Technology Sdn Bhd backed with years of R&D and service team manufactures Avantis locally. 9-security zone +1 tamper zone - Which offer user to monitor and secure 9 specified areas. - Zone 9 of this system is able to be converted into a key switch zone with integration of remote control unit using RF signal to ARM and DISARM the system - Dedicated tamper zone for[...]


[Maлайзия]Lightning Arrestor

1. Protection for CCTV cameras 2. Suitable for outdoor usage 3. Meet international standard, CE 4. "Plug and play" concept 5. Ready with BNC connection[...]


[Maлайзия]Avantis A32 Alarm and Automation System

General Introduction Security systems are entering a new generation where the user demands their security system for intelligence, convenience and user friendly. Introduction of A-32 to the market is with the intention to promote the LCD display keypad for medium end houses or shop lot. LCD display simplified the programming process, meanwhile create a more user friendly product for the customer. Besides that, the capability of the device in integration with HVAC product have improve to a more[...]